Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump Explains To Reince Priebus How Things Will Be

Welcome to Beautiful Cleveland:  City of Progress and Prosperity and future graveyard of the Party of Lincoln.


bluicebank said...

Nice try, Driftglass, as it had to take some effort to pick a fine Star Trek clip to match the Trump gambit. But those were the days (late '60s) when Roddenberry could not see that far (2016) into the political future; it was black-and-white, as your clip shows.

I humbly suggest "The Tholian Web.

As the soon-to-bewebbed ship and crew of the USS Goddamn Enterprise snaps to orders, circumstances via chief Scotsman "76%" of shields ("It will have to do," thus spake Spock), the Ghost of Raygun appears on visual. Ensign David Brooks proclaims, "I see him."

Reagan floats, gallumphing for air.

Spork responds to the panicked crew (all crybaby about the macrame weaved about them that they saw coming jillions of miles away), and yet mostly addresses the Establishment Engineering Dept., to bring shit up to full power. The Short Fingered Tholian doubles down on the macrame, telling the Engineering Dept. to return to Tayside in Indiana, where they can't understand Scotty, either.

In another universe, the GOP Taysiders in Space battle the Trumpholians over Scotch, neat, recorded here:

Robt said...

Wait just an April Fools minute...................!

---Party of Lincoln?

You mean Lincoln's party of liberals of the Northern Aggression?

There is nothing in today's republican party that can even resemble the republican party of Lincoln's day.