Friday, March 04, 2016

A Permanent Republican Vulgarity

Things have gotten so bad that a Noted Public Figure has written that the state of the Republican race...
... is a testament to perseverance and ingenuity--to the Power of Gall--but it’s also an indictment of the wet-cardboard strength of the rest of the Republican field. Here they have a clean shot to take the White House...and they troop out this Gong Show* cast of contestants, most of whom couldn’t find their ass on a map and speak entirely in re-masticated phrases and sentiments tossed into their mouths by Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist, and Frank Luntz for years. The Republican field reflects the weak-minded, strong-willed prejudices of its base, hooked up to Fox News as if it were an IV drip. So when rightwing bloggers complain about the candidates, they need someone to skywrite for them, “If they suck, it’s because YOU suck..."
Strong words.

Strong, old words.

Because this is the inimitable James Wolcott writing about candidate Newt Gingrich's resurgent popularity back in December, 2011.

I wrote about it back in the day.

See, the toxic, despicable brokenness of the GOP has been such a plainly obvious, water-is-wet fact on the Left for so long that it isn't even the real story anymore.

The real story is how the Beltway media has gotten away with lying about it straight to our faces for so very, very long.

We know what is going on, but not "who" or "how".

Maybe one day someone will name names.

But I'm not holding my breath.


John Taylor said...

When someone like John Kasich is the face of sanity there's a problem. All these candidates have terrible policy positions which are never discussed.

myxzptlk said...

The GOP has become dependent on layers of lies and cartoonish positions to lure the Trojans into wheeling the 1-percenters' poison pill horse into the center of our economy. Now that Trump has filled the horse with the same fecal matter that adorns its exterior, the MOU are aghast at the logical ends that their cynical plotting have wrought. And the hired media shills, equipped with the same script of lies that put them in their positions of privilege, can't prevent the horse from going through the gates without revealing the true nature of the scam. I can't wait to see how this ends.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I can't wait to see how this ends.

Emperor Turhan: How will this end?
Ambassador Kosh Naranek: in fire