Friday, February 12, 2016

The Kenyan In Winter

As his would-be successors in the Democratic primaries fight to claim his mantle, it is useful to remember that outside the hall, our country's real destroyers are carrying on an entirely different conversation. One which they have been screaming at the tops of their lungs since the day Barack Obama was elected.  One in which they have worn the corners off of their thesauruses trying to find synonyms for "uppity n*gger".

Here, over the course of a column whining about David Brooks' fakety-fake conservatism, Rush Limbaugh's idiot brother, David, helpfully compiles a Wingnut Sampler of sedition drivel that makes up the basic, day-to-day political vocabulary of the GOP base.

Of course we have to lead off with:
Obama’s “perfectly creased pant.”
Then we are off to the races.  Pun intended and emphasis added:
I have repeatedly observed that one thing distinguishing Reagan conservatives from establishment Republicans is the latter’s blindness to the reality and gravity of Obama’s destruction to this nation...

We face an immigration problem that could wholly destroy the United States...

The open-borders lobby is devoted instead to flooding the nation with new Democratic voters who will reject our founding ideals...
And anyone who may disagree with Rush Limbaugh's idiot brother?
Demagogues and race-baiters...  [who] ...resort to categorical smears of racism.
Then a quick stop to kick the Welfare Queens around a little
...our panoply of entitlements objectively constitutes an existential threat, yet Obama and his party both deny it, and they obstruct all reform measures.
And Barack Obama?
Obama and his war on the republic.

...the most divisive, polarizing, partisan, condescending and narcissistic president in American history...  [who] ...has bullied and lied about his opponents and has grossly exceeded his constitutional authority to impose an agenda that the American people oppose.
This is why Marco Rubio's robotic recitations of the imaginary High Crimes of the Kenyan Usurper may be hilarious to us and may have damaged his standing among the plutocrats who run the GOP ATM, but may end up not being fatal.  Because the average Republican voter actually believes this shit and is not currently in the market for a candidate to talk to candidly them about public policy. Instead, the average Republican voter wants someone to echo back the them their own, internal nightmare talk radio monologue about about hordes of welfare queens and slavering Mexican rapists who are overrunning their country at the behest of the Uppity N*gger-in-Chief, in the service of his devious Muslim master plan to destroy Murrica from the inside which they have been robotically repeating to themselves over and over again since the day Barack Obama was elected.

And just as concerns over the power the the federal government, activist judges, abuses of  executive power, deficits, American military interventions and a dozen other Conservative "principles" all magically evaporated the minute George Bush was appointed president by five, unelected tyrants in black robes and just as magically re-appeared at 180 decibels the minute foreign-born Muslim sleeper-cell leader Barack Obama was "elected" (Thanks ACORN and the New Black Panthers and wake up white people!) mark my words, regardless of which Democrat wins this Fall,  right before your eyes and faster that you believe is possible, Fox News and Hate Radio will transfer the entire corpus of unhinged paranoia, rage, bigotry and all the rest of Catechism of Wingnut Mythology squarely onto the shoulders of the President-elect.  

So whether Obama's Dirty Commie Jewish Bagman Bernie Sander wins this November, or Obama's Secret Commie Conjure Witch Hillary Clinton wins this November, you can bet the farm that Rush Limbaugh and his idiot brother and the assembled orc horde of the GOP will be right there waiting to destroy anything either of them try to do to move this country one inch forward.  


dinthebeast said...

I'm imagining DFB's first column coming to grips with the election of president Trump (or Cruz) in the cold light of day, but also having much more fun imagining the string of dull popping sounds as wingnut heads explode upon the realization that an actual socialist (instead of a centrist with a D after his name) has been elected should Sanders win.

-Doug in Oakland

Karen Crosby said...

...assembled Orc horde... Just perfect Mr. D.

OBS said...

flooding the nation with new Democratic voters

[whistle] Wingnut flag on the play. Use of the proper name and not the Democrat slur. 10 wingnut bucks will be docked from your check.

Abu Scooter said...

This is why Marco Rubio's robotic recitations of the imaginary High Crimes of the Kenyan Usurper … may end up not being fatal.

My "favorite" Rubio ad is the one where he accuses Obama of transferring resources from anti-Daesh (ISIS) efforts to Planned Parenthood.

David Davis said...

Orcs offended. We degenerate evil, yes, but no republicans. Shame.