Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

"The Calm Before The Strum Und Drang" Edition.

Well not "calm" exactly.  More like the grab-the-buzz-bar, white-knuckle, hold-your-breathe sensation the political nerd class is collectively experiencing as the Party of Lincoln prepares to go over top of the Great American Screaming Eagle Political Roller Coaster and hurl itself through a long, giddy series of Hammerhead Immelmanns and into the waiting arms of a fascist con man with a billion dollars and a hot Slovenian wife.

For Freedumb!

Or as one of my non-political-junkie friends put it, "What's 'Super Tuesday'?"


If you chose to stagger over on "This Week With...Pick a Name Out Of a Hat" (and why would you?) you would have found respected bottom-feeding professional teevee troll Hugh Hewitt (cited in the rush ABC transcript as "Unidentified Male", perhaps due to some transient reboot of their shame circuitry) once again blatting on about the imminent arrest of Hillary Clinton --
UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Oh, Katrina, wait, when you run a "Nation" coverage story on Hillary Clinton violating national security of the United States on 18 USC 1924 --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  -- or 793, when you run that story --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  -- then I'll believe about media malpractice.
-- and Fox News employee Greta Van Sustern lighting votive candles at the Wee Both Siderist Chapel 'o The Beltway:
VAN SUSTEREN: Katrina, you -- you go back to my hometown, Afton, Wisconsin, they're pretty fed up with all the successes of all these other politicians, which has not been successes, they've been failures. They're throwing a Hail Mary pass, whether it be for your candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, or for Donald Trump.

At least they're saying that is they may not like the language he uses, but at least he is speaking out on these issues and he's -- and he's confronting them a little differently than these other politicians have been talking about...
Or you could have watched as MSNBC -- the once small-but-proud oasis of intelligent and humane political conversation -- continued to keel over and sink beneath contempt:

But really, every missile, gag, insult and talking point that can be fired before Tuesday has been fired, and now everything is in the hands of ballistics and human nature. Now there is nothing left for the professional talking heads to do but gibber meaningless poll numbers while they wait for The World Ender to come --

-- and try to figure out the most efficient way to shift at least half of the blame for the GOP's descent into madness onto the backs of those damn dirty hippies.

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Paul Donahue said...

So we end our weekend again with Sunday Morning Comin' Down and find ourselves all a-twiitter anticipating the avalanche that will bury us on Super Tuesday. How can I relax, how will I sleep; perhaps something new, something unexpected. And who is this at the end of our day, who are they that appear waiting to be clicked. I had never heard of Lord Huron, they were unknown to me. And yet here they come as if requested, a needed respite, handed to me on a tray - here, try this. Thank you sir, perhaps I'll have another.