Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- Early Edition

This feature went pretty well last week so once again let's run down the list of people who will be on the panels of the Sunday Gasbag Cavalcade  (where Rubio will appear on five different sideshow tents) say things that are so consistently wrong and ridiculous that in any other profession they would have been Burt Petersoned long ago...

Last week it was Shuck Todd's turn to pull out one of the Beltway's Serious Media Chairs and pretend through lightly gritted teeth that Hugh Hewitt is not a sleazy wingnut shill but is actually some kinda "journalist" whom we should all respect.  Well this week CNN's "State of the Union" drew the short straw and will honor the terms of the Beltway's contract with the Dark One by giving camera time to Huey Hugh Hugh Hewitt Shabadoo and not making the universal "blowjob in progress" gesture behind him while he talks.

Instead,  Shuck Todd's will will honor the terms of the Beltway's contract with the Dark One by pulling out one of the Beltway's Serious Media Chairs and pretending through lightly gritted teeth that Ron "Severe Dementia" is not just America's most insufferable Both Siderist spewing algorithm but is actually some kinda "journalist" whom we should all respect.

This is the constitutionally-protected political free speech for which millions have fought and died, America.  Embrace it!

Kathleen Parker and her Republican Boomer Smart Gal Glasses will also be on "Meet the Press...

...because "Face the Nation" already lured Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal onto their set with promises of delicious, delicious Mai Tais and MTP needed someone to talk in empty whispery platitudes about what the Republican Party might be if this were a completely different universe with a completely different Republican Party.  And just in case Peggers ends up being over-served at the "Face the Nation" hospitality room, Kimberley Strassel (also of The Wall Street Journal) will also be there to hold her hair as she offers her opinions projectile fashion into the very classy toilets of CBS's Martin Agronsky Memorial Restroom.

Former "Meet the Press" Republican houseplant, David Gregory, will once again leave the last of his dignity with the Fox News coat check girl and fill out a "Fox News Sunday" panel Juan Williams, George Will and GOP pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson.

Down the dial...

...GOP hitman Ed Rollins and disgraced "journalist" Judith Miller will once again make noises at each other (Fox "Sunday Morning Futures") and yet another Fox teevee product ("MediaBuzz) finds room for wingut blogger and Republican debate moderator, Mary Katherine Ham.

(h/t to The Orlando Sentinel for the early line on the weekly freak shows)


bowtiejack said...

I am puzzled by this thing they call the "liberal media".
Where do they keep the liberals? In the china closet behind the good silver?
It's as though we were constantly told that they're all communists and the same kid who gave the sartorial review on The Emperor pipes up "Then why are they all wearing Nazi uniforms?" I mean they're not even subtle or devious about it. Jeesh.

Fiddlin Bill said...

I detect a slight hint of bitterness in this post.

Sandman said...

To the knuckle-dragging hordes of Sisterfuck, AR, (and countless other yokel-infested burgs throughout Red 'Murka) any broadcast that doesn't openly demand armed insurrection against the Kenyan Usurper and his communo-fascist takeover of the white man's christopathic libertarian paradise is, ipso facto, "liberal."

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...


Once again, Sisterfuck is in Mississippi.

Cousinfuck is in the Arkanshire.

I wish y'all would get that straight.

Sandman is correct, however, about the relative definition of liberalism (USAmerican usage of the world). By the standards of most other Western nations, our liberals would be moderates, our moderates would be conservatives, and our conservatives would be watched carefully for signs of imminently bursting into a spontaneous chorus of "Tomorrow Belongs To Me".

Also, the less said about Sheepshag, Texas, the better.

Robt said...

" the white man's christopathic libertarian paradise is, ipso facto, "liberal.""

They have tried "paradise" parasitical hostile takeovers. The brought American values to Iraq Specifically competition). Afghanistan. The gave Chile to Pinochet for all to awe of this heaven on earth.

Searching the globe for what best represents this ideological paradise has to be (in my opinion_, Somalia.

It is a place with flowing freedumbs.

**A place that still gives you the freedom to achieve your childhood dream of living the life of a pirate.

I dare any conservative to top that freedom!

The freedom to to contract Cholera and be proud of it.
No taxes to maintain roads so others can drive on them.
A place where what is mine is mine and what is yours can be mine. All the free market you can take.
yes, Somalia is the best bastion for Conservative , Give-me-Tarian ideals and principals. No EPA, no gun control, Everyone is their own man. Better than returning to the Wlid Wild west. You can own people as property. It has so much to offer Cliven Bundy, Rush LimpPaw,Becky Beck. The Klan,Neo Nazis.

This is my choice to hold up as the best example of of what their ideology stands for and will bring us to. They can go their but they are too lazy to do it.

Cirze said...


Thanks for that rundown.

I'd almost forgotten that I used to watch those "shows" some years back.

And they're still around.

In their same ill-gotten glory.

My only thought on their originality currently is that the "miller" has been resurrected to tell us how we are being attacked by Syria.

Or is it Russia now?

Hail Caesar?

And his troops.

P.S. Thom Hartmann has a very good show on. As does Max Keiser, Lee Camp "Redacted Tonight," Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace and Sean Stone on "Watching the Hawks," Mike Papantonio "Ring of Fire," Laura Flanders, Sophie&Co, Pirate TV, Bioneers, Carbon Crooks, etc., etc.

All available on Link TV, Free Speech TV, RT . . . .

Boycott junk TV news shows!

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Robt.--Nah, they wouldn't like Somalia.

The Somali population consists almost entirely of *BONG*s. (Blazing Saddles reference, in case you're new here.) ;)