Friday, January 29, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #321

"I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please... with sugar on top. Clean the fucking car."

-- The Wolf, Pulp Fiction

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Robt said...

The conservative Purgatory:
A place in the center between up and down. Good and evil. middle of Right and left. Not quite heaven or hell.

A place where a conservative ends up for the blasphemous sin of compromising. A place where one gets stranded for serving too many masters. A place to be condemned to everlasting self loathing and hating oneself for the sin of serving the conservative idol instead of the Biblical God. To eternal ire of self equal to that imposed on others. The sin of using the Biblical God to elevate the ideological political God.

This is where we find Brooks, Gershwin, Sowell, Goldberg, Limbaugh et al.

The Bible is clear about not being able to serve 2 masters.
The conservative religious doctrine is similar.

They build idol statues of Saint Ronnie. The worshipped GW Bush with the "your with us or you're against us" cantations. They hold Rush up as the Creator (republican majority). Romney as the Job Creator.
It is not much distance to the Almighty creator from there.
And as we read in the Old Testament, he is a jealous creator.

Purgatory exists on Earth of the living in the mind.

When one would pursue a path to enable and watch grief, when you can choose a path to give a hand up and reap from the betterment. Your ideology fails even when it is victorious.

it is well depicted in how Trump can disrespect president Obama as illegitimate with slander but Megan Kelly is not fair to the Donals and he must stick up for himself.

Yes, Trump broadcasts from the conservative Purgatory in his mind. What I cannot tell is, the seniority dates of all the arrivals such as Cruz or Huckabee.

Like the mouse glue traps or better yet the roach motels where they check in but not out. I am unaware of what is required for redemption to leave the conservative purgatory.

Anonymous said...

On another note: Done in two posts because I'm a long winded Bastard and site is bitching at me for being too verbose. (1/2)

[When black folks have several children, they're called irresponsible. When white people do, it's called "19 kids and counting". When Muslims are accosted for having the ABILITY to marry more than one wife, they're called misogynistic. When white people do it, it's called "Sister wives". When various cultures of brown folks around the world have arranged marriages, they are shamed for it. When white people do it, it's called "Married at first sight". Want to know what white privilege is? Watch TLC.]

Okay… So let's break it down.

*When black folks have several children, they're called irresponsible. *
I live in Arkansas and even the most racist people I know don't find fault with black people having more than one kid. They find fault with them having more than one kid and not being able to pay for one kid. And most of them also find fault with white people who do the same. The actual complaint of real people and the complaint of the poster are not even close to being the same. Posters complaint is a strawman. Are their White People who think that Black People shouldn't have kids at all? Yes. Are their Black People who think that White People shouldn't have kids at all? Yes. Are they both racist?Yes. Do either of these two groups form anything close to a majority of either population? No. Is trying to paint entire populations by the actions of a minority a tried and true tactic of Conservatives and Both Siders while also being a logical fallacy? Yes.

*When white people do, it's called "19 kids and counting"*
Lot's of white people still call it irresponsible too. But they also laugh their ass off at it, and not in the nice "They told a funny joke" way but the "Those guys are idiots. I'm going to point and laugh" way. The poster presents the "White People Do It" argument as if it's still acceptable to white people as a whole. It's not. The show got great rating for TLC, but terrible ratings compared to other channels. The poster is presenting a false unified front argument. No, all white people don't. In fact the vast majority don't. They just don't bitch about it because they in their actual white privilege don't expect to pay for it directly.

Gonna tackle this one as a whole.
*When Muslims are accosted for having the ABILITY to marry more than one wife, they're called misogynistic. When white people do it, it's called "Sister wives". *

So the whole thing is an emotional logical fallacy of epic proportions. When Muslims are accosted for the ability to marry more than one wife, it's called polygamy and is a completely cultural bias against willful and consensual pairings between more than two people . When Muslims demand that MEN can have more than one WIFE, but WOMEN can't have more than one HUSBAND, then it's called misogynistic and sexist, because it's fucking true! Double so if the MEN do it without the consent of the WOMEN. When white people do it, it's called "Sister wives," bigamy, and a felony. And it's a felony in most of the world, including in *gasp* countries that are non-white dominated! Implying that white people are somehow excused on this because they're white is a blatant lie.