Friday, January 22, 2016

Breaking: Still No Honor Among Thieves

From BuzzFeed:
National Review Disinvited From GOP Debate After Publishing Anti-Trump Issue

WASHINGTON — The publisher of the conservative National Review suggested on Thursday that the Republican National Committee is “depriving” its party by disinviting the magazine from hosting a debate because of an anti-Donald Trump symposium it published.

National Review publisher Jack Fowler told BuzzFeed News in an email Thursday night that he was not surprised that the RNC had rescinded its invitation to the magazine to co-host a GOP debate next month. “That said I would argue that the RNC should have waited for someone to complain, if someone was going to,” Fowler said. “The presumption is that our moderator / participant would not have asked an intelligent / fair question.”

On Thursday, National Review published an “Against Trump” issue that features essays arguing against nominating Trump by a range of conservative thinkers, including radio host and blogger Erick Erickson, radio host Glenn Beck, writer John Podhoretz, and evangelical leader Russell Moore. The magazine also published its own editorial calling Trump a “menace to American conservatism.”
Yes, you read that right.  Today, America's White Supremacist journal-of-record not only dropped a big snotty "think piece" rebuking Donald Trump for sweeping in and Pied-Pipered all of their chumps and meatheads away, but they turned to such leading thinkers as Erick Erickson and Glenn Beck to help swing the axe.

In response, the apparatchiks of the Party of chumps and meatheads told America's White Supremacist journal-of-record that they could no longer play in their reindeer games.

Also this:



Unknown said...

I can't stop laughing. Pass the Popcorn!

Paul W said...

at this rate, the only ones left to cover the GOP debates will be the zombie corpse of Brietbart and the part-time janitor at the Weekly Standard HQ.

Molly said...

"...a range of conservative thinkers, ..."

Definitely assumes facts not in evidence.

Robt said...

One up on Trumpster,

Did National Review ever know it's way?

When you say, "failing publication" You mean it's communist funding from dark money to keep it floating dried up?

Pointing out, "it's circulation is way down".
Don't you mean it cannot give it's magazine away in bulk to the RNC to give out for donating to the RNC?

Bex said...

Whichever of Trump's mice wrote that tweet is on apostrophe overload.

Anonymous said...


Truer words were never said. If you're not in popcorn futures you definitely should be.

Unknown said...

I never thought anything could be more entertaining than watching Willard step all over his prosthetic rake(s)in 2012 but this is amazing.

The difference between the two electoral years is that this is also mega-hella scarier than 2012. If not Tee-Rump, then who? Kee-ruze?

In the mean time I'm investing heavily in bourbon. And working for Mr. Sanders (as opposed to Col. Sanders). And I'll gladly work for Ms. Rodham if I have to, if it comes to that.

And as Brother Pierce and all who ride the same mantra wave say, it don't mean a goddamn thing if you ain't got that downticket swing.

I said this to my daughter's partner the other night - a good guy who is young, and feeling the Bern, and working for the Senator - "people who don't vote in the mid-terms piss me off".

Take the House, or you'll get more of the same. Some lessons need to not only be learned, but taught and re-taught.