Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Conservative Prayer


O God, give me the serenity to pretend all the horribly stupid, shitty things I said and did in the past never happened,

The courage to constantly and bitterly complain that the Kenyan Usurper is not fixing my fuck-ups fast enough,

And the wisdom to do absolutely nothing but bitch about brown people and Freedumb as my country is shot to bits by assholes with guns.


Jerry B said...

The classic elephant symbol for the Republican party has three pentagrams on it. Think about that. The long time, always used Icon of the party of RW fundamentalist Christians has THREE (3) Pentagrams on it. An "Unholy Trinity" if you will. I personally don't believe any of that shit but they do. It boggles the mind.

Jeanne said...


trgahan said...

" my country is shot to bits by assholes with guns."

Now, Now...the most recent shooting in Los Angles (aka. decaying, brown people overrun Liberals-ville U.S.A!) was done by people with funny sounding names therefore without no further facts or details the shooting was clearly Islamic Terrorism arriving to the U.S. under the Obama Administration (he was probably dancing in the Oval office when he heard, don't ya know!).

Therefore, A) last week's Planned Parenthood attack has already been rammed down the memory hole because the facts there led somewhere very unpleasant for the media and B) Republican candidates have further amnesty to keep making the 2016 platform one of racism and xenophobia...all to be fixed with tax cuts and deregulation.....and other peoples children dying.

Jimbo said...

Re: trgahan's comment. Exactly. The inconvenient mass shooting in God's Country, CO was fortunately OBE-ed by the Arab-South Asian Bonnie and Clyde team. We are going to have mass slaughter after mass slaughter until we start implementing the "well-regulated militia" part of the 2nd Amendment and require all gun owners to undergo training equivalent to the FBI or Secret Service, weekend drills, annual psych reviews and be fully insured. Then we can be cool (not really but it's a start).

Jimbo said...

BTW, that's supposed to be Rove in the tusks, right? It's wonderful to see his blubbering as his own version of Atwaterism has been subverted by the Teahadists and sheer Trumpery, which, conveniently, is an old and apprpriate English word.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Actually, I think it's Rash Limpbough, since his "Excrement In Broadcasting" logo is part of the picture.

Robt said...

Not sure what an Agnostic leaning Atheist is to think of this Prayer Other than it does depict the reality that exists in the minds of some manifests itself into the lives of others.

Why it is possible for the media to present falsehoods as news to "propagandize" (yes that is right) Americans. To manipulate for the puppets to lead the sheep to the sheering puppeteers is beyond the realm of the so called "opinion or commentary entertainment.
The both siderism has paved way for
Shock and Awe:
Bringing freedom to the beloved Iraqi people at the expense of American lives and money.
The refugee issue that now percolates from that shock and awe that provided peace, stability, Freedom and the AMerican way to Iraq. That we hate and mistrust those refugees and should not let them come.
These are the same hated people that it is said want to kill us for our Freedom?
There is one siderism born of late specifically from the GOP. That is, to send American money and troops to the Mid East to set up "safe zones" for the beloved displaced refugees. The same beloved refugees we do not want here but are the exact same which hate us for our freedoms.
So our Military will provide safe zones (gun free zones) "Hello NRA" !.
For those that want to kill us?
I am amazed so many Americans even are aware they can vote.
The corruption of money as free speech in news information content editing to influencing elections is at the root when applying the oldddddd adage of "follow the money".