Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down: Leftovers

"Quinque Viæ My Ass" Edition.

This weekend I eschewed ("blew off") the Sunday shows entirely and instead spent Saturday working the kitchen at the annual pancakes and Santa thing at our church, and Sunday ushering at church, running a few hundred errands and sending a couple of resumes into the abyss from which no reply ever returneth.

On the one hand, making breakfast for 200 and seeing the delight of children as they huddle up with The Man in Red was infinitely more nourishing than anything anyone has had to say at the Gasbag Cavalcade in the last decade or two.

On the other hand, a kind soul emailed the transcripts over, so I glanced through them very lightly and jotted down some thoughts between bringing order to Mount Laundry and taking the recycling over.

On the other, other hand, it turned out one of the transcripts was from last week, and guess which one I picked to focus on!

Ha!  On the one hand, it serves me right for not reading the thing with greater care.  On the other hand, it really underscored for me yet again what gray, undistinguishable Beltway glop the Gasbag Cavalcade serves up, week in and week out.

So, leftovers, in which, last week, a couple of things happened and then something did not happen, which resulted in proving yet a third thing.

It all took place on "This Week (but actually Last Week) with George Stephanawfulous"...

Bloody Bill Kristol (who is, in no particular order, the wrongest human being in America, a chief architect of the Bush Administration "Lie America Into Iraq" strategy, the inventor of Sarah Palin and  a respected ABC News employee) mocked Trump as being less than honest because how dare he!
BILL KRISTOL: The case is Donald Trump isn't telling the truth and he clearly knew what he was doing when he mocked "The New York Times" reporter and then he pretended he hadn't known him. Then he makes a pseudo-apology, which (INAUDIBLE) (LAUGHTER)
After which Matt Bai of "Hang Around Long Enough And Someone Will Give You A Job" News responded with shuddering contempt for Trump as someone with "zero capacity" to "apologize for any of the things that he says".

Bai made these declarations this with a perfectly straight face while sitting two feet from the most catastrophically and unapologetically wrong person in America (emphasis added):
MATT BAI, YAHOO! NEWS: This is the thing, Martha, this is the thing that amazes me -- he used the word "amazing," right, about Trump, right, because we all get that he shoots from the hip. We all get that he said he's a straight talker, he says what he wants, whatever it is -- he wants to pass himself off as. He has absolutely zero capacity. He has demonstrated zero capacity in this campaign to say I'm sorry, to apologize for any of the things that he says. I think that could be -- to me, that's disqualifying in a leader. If you can't even reflect on the things you say in the heat of the moment when you're as rash as he is to sometimes say, you know, I misspoke, I shouldn't have done that, he's never said--
Blood Bill (The wrongest human being in America, a chief architect of the Bush Administration "Lie America Into Iraq" strategy, the inventor of Sarah Palin, etc.) followed up on that by saying how unsurprised he is at how much Donald Trump is resonating with "people" because just look at how badly those damn "elites" have fucked up over the past few years!
BILL KRISTOL:  And we just can't underestimate -- this is the reason why the elected officials take on Trump and it doesn’t help and, in fact, it helps Trump in a way, because people have a deep distrust of our elected officials, confidence and honesty and in some ways, frankly, after the last decade, you'd say having a distrust in political elites and financial elites is warranted. 
Then this didn't happen:

Proving definitively that, if there is a God, She has clearly removed Herself from the affairs of men.


Neo Tuxedo said...

"Sometimes I think maybe God's gone away
Forgetting the promise He [sic] made that day
And we're lost out here in the stars."
-- Maxwell Anderson, "Lost in the Stars"

RossK said...

Matt Bai?


Didn't he once use the patented 'spam-in-the-big-media-can' recipe to whip up that craptacular creme pie that he then smeared all over the memory of the late, great Steve Gilliard (whose jock and/or beer can chicken Mr. Bai could not even begin to carry)?

Why, yes...

I believe he did.