Monday, October 26, 2015

Birthday Fundraiser Day One: So Far, So Good

Having spent the last 20 years grabbing themselves by their own batshit ideology and flinging themselves off of one 10-story building after another, Conservatives have finally figured out what their problem really is.

They're still not Conservative enough.

From the WaPo:
Fuming over Ryan, some conservative voices turn on the Freedom Caucus

By Mike DeBonis October 25 at 8:03 PM

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) has been able to count on his Facebook page for stalwart support during his long-running battle with the House Republican leadership, including a successful effort to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio).

“Keep up the great work,” read a comment posted last week. “We the people thank you for ridding us of John Boehner!”

But in recent days, the tone of the comments on Meadows’s page, and those of the other members of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, have changed significantly.

“You truly should be ashamed,” one commenter wrote Thursday. “The people in the caucus will be held responsible come election day.”

“You should all be replaced,” a critic told Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.). Another called Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R-Idaho), one of the most persistent thorns in Boehner’s side, “a RINO establishment lap dog” and “another go-along to get along phony who will GLADLY step on the throats of the Conservative electorate.”

Particularly brutal have been the syndicated talk-radio hosts who have helped foment the anti-establishment outrage that has kept Donald Trump atop the GOP presidential race and forced Jeb Bush, a well-financed mainstream conservative, to undertake a campaign shake-up.

Laura Ingraham last week called Ryan “basically John Boehner with better abs” and featured segment after segment attacking Ryan’s positions on trade and immigration. She also mocked his desire to spend his weekends with his family.
So far, so good.

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n1ck said...

Purity Caucus wings of radical movements tear those radical movements apart until they are left with one person claiming himself the only true pure member of the movement.

That clip from "The Power of Nightmares" where the Algerian terrorist/rebel organization ends up losing all support, while killing itself, is pretty apt here.

Only Nixon could go to China. And only Donald Trump and the Freedom Caucus could destroy the GOP.

Unlike most people, I love Donald Trump's candidacy. Not only would/will he lose in the General, but his nomination as the Republican candidate in 2016 would effectively destroy the GOP as a national party.

The only more attractive option would be Trump mounting an actual 50-state Third Party candidacy. Which I would support with campaign contributions but obviously not my vote, by the way. Trump as a Third Party candidate could possibly turn the House in 2016, and if HRC doesn't screw up/the economy doesn't tank, 2020 could be a decent redistricting year for the non-lunatics of the country.

And in a lot of ways, I'd have to say, thanks, Obama, for being a black man having the audacity to President while black. His presidency alone, while decent itself, has gotten the bigots to scream very loudly and proudly through their dog whistles. Once the bigots start screaming through their dog whistles, it gets a lot harder for the media to play the BothSidesDoIt™ BigLie.

Redhand said...

It's a sad fooking day for Merruca when a when a granny-starving fook-the-poors, fiscal conservative who enjoys quaffing $350 bottles of wine in fancy restaurants (on someone else's dime, of course) isn't considered bat-shit crazy enough for the mob. What is this country coming to?>

DrBB said...

Bennett's Law, a.k.a., Special Corollary to the Overton Window: No matter how far to the right we go, the even farther to the right a True Conservative has to shift in order to stay pissed off at how liberal everyone else is. Including all those other phonies who think THEY are True Conservatives.

DrBB said...


Only Nixon could go to China. And only Donald Trump and the Freedom Caucus could destroy the GOP.

I think that's spot on, except I'd add the wrinkle that if it has that potential, it's not so much--or not only--because of the havoc it would wreak within the party itself, but the catastrophic obstacle it would present to the necessary precondition of BothSiderism: denial of the fact that one of the parties has fallen into the hands of its most extremist wing. Without that protective screen--the courtier media's pretense that Everything Here Is Just Fine, and no my conservative party didn't punch me in the eye, that was just a door I walked into--the whole game falls apart. I'm PRETTY sure nominating Trump would do it. Just having him run has already opened a few cracks in the facade.

This is why the media are so desperate to anoint a Rational Republican, and so disoriented by the failure of Jeb! to be that guy (or Scott Walker, or now--in shear desperation--Rubio, anyone, pleeeeeeeease!!!) Because even more than the GOP, THEY need to keep the game going. It's the foundation underneath everything else, their whole understanding of the universe. Without it, mere chaos is loosed. Meaning they'd have to actually learn how to think for a living. said...