Friday, September 11, 2015

Professional Left Podcast Episode #301

"That's all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.”
-- Raymond Carver, writer



Thomas Everett said...

As I was listening today you brought up Man in the High Castle. Just in case you haven't heard, new episodes return on Nov. 20th

MedicineMan55 said...


A pithy observation/question: Is Kim Davis practicing the Reality TV version of Christianity? That is the feeling I get from watching this whole farce. Cameras are on, better put on a show.

portlandmaxtrains said...

Just had a thought about trump not going away.

If he doesn't, at some point David fucking Brooks will have to start talking positively about him.

That would be entertaining in a schadenfreude kind of way.

It would be like Al Franken's imitation of Dick Cheney saying the word "evildoers" even though he really cringed inside.

Wish I could find the clip of that on youtube, but couldn't find it.


starskeptic said...

Glad to hear that the "liberal-progressive" Jesus is the "correct" one - I thought he was just bi-polar;)

Dave McCarthy said...

I've seen Patton Oswalt funny as hell and I've seen him dreadful, which is good because it means he keeps pushing and trying new stuff.

I found this awe inspiring improvisation, and I have absolutely NO idea what he's talking about as I'm almost totally unaware of the Star Wars saga, except for knowing who was in the original and (spoiler alert) who Luke's father is.

I just HAVE to assume that for the initiated, this is an absolute tour de force.