Friday, September 18, 2015

@MSNBC Assisted Suicide Watch Continues

From our friend Tengrain:
One Lump Of Stupid Or Two, NBC Universal

Sorry to do this to you guys, but NBC Universal CEO Phil Griffin has decided to put lumps of coal in our Christmas stockings early:
“Then, on Monday, September 28, Chuck Todd’s new show will debut at 5pm. MTP Daily will bring the insight and power of Meet the Press to our air every day of the week. We hope it will become the daily cable news show of record for the 2016 campaign.”

Sure you may think this is terrible news -- one, final nail in the coffin of what once was the only safe house for sane political teevee in America -- but these days it's always Beltway Hack Christmas Day at MSNBC.

And if theories of spontaneous generation and Lysenkoism are even a little bit true, by God, somewhere in the mountain of horseshit they are erecting there will one day arise the finest damn pony you have ever seen.


Robt said...

Todd has to go on vacation sometime, right?

Unknown said...

I like to remind them from time to time that I no longer watch the vast majority of their programming. I like to let them know how grateful I am for their help in breaking my cable news addiction.

I don't think they care.

Brad in Dallas said...

This is the American version of Putin assassinating any journalists who write about his misdeeds. No dead bodies, true, but the effect is the same--what ambitious or principled young journalist in their right mind would dream of trying to work in such an environment, other than to be a sycophant?

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