Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hate-Watching As Business Model

Long ago it became obvious that there is no plausible explanation for the continued media presence of moral dumpster fire and Teevee's Wrongest Human Being, Bill Kristol, other than the fact that he is obviously directly wired into some of the wealthy, horrible people who decide what comes out of your teevee machine.

His major qualification for employment has always been the fact that us unabashedly loves!loves!loves! the idea of sending your kids off here there and everywhere to die for the greater glory of the Likud Party, and so after found himself momentarily at liberty after he wore out his welcome at Time magazine... and the New York Times... and Fox News, it was no great surprise that the very-nearly-post-adolescent executive producer of ABC's "This Week...", Jonathan Greenberger, would hire Kristol as a regular on-air contributor because who is more fucking awesome than Bill Kristol?

Nobody, that's who!

So for whatever depraved, neocon mafia reasons, everyone everywhere (except in the Liberal blogosphere ghetto) once again agreed to the standard Beltway Media non-disclosure agreement in which they all shut the fuck up and never mention the blood and lies dripping from the fangs of the smirking sociopath sitting across from them.

And so Bloody Bill Kristol was once again Back On Teevee, free to share his claptrap with millions of Americans who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Kristol's long and unbroken history of  malevolence.

But dropping the biggest, unreconstructed Iraq War Pimp in America into the heart of the moldering remains of "Liberal" teevee to opine unmolested about about war and peace in the Middle East?

This is not an accident.  This is MSNBC prexy Phil Griffin telling the last of his Liberal viewers to fuck off and die.

Because whether he gets his numbers from loyal viewers or incredulous hate-watchers, it's all the same to him.


myxzptlk said...

One has to wonder what might convince "TV news" executives like Griffin to kick sociopaths like Crystal to the curb. Or at least invite qualified opposition to call out his lies and abysmal prognostication record.

We know that truth isn't a factor. Even ratings take a back seat to the big lie. I even have my doubts about ad revenue. Griffin and his ilk know that their current jobs, future jobs, retirement security, and continued acceptance by the power demographic they inexplicably find themselves members of depends on their continued service to the big lie. Nothing else matters.

Lyle Sparks said...

What's the connection between ABC and MSNBC?

D. Hussein said...

Not defending Griffin, but what does he have to do with ABC's decision?

Jimbo said...

Krystol-Meth is actually an inoperative drone. His opeating system is always geared to kill but he himself is inoperative, which is why he is always on for War and always wrong.