Thursday, June 04, 2015

As a Liberal...


...I would like to thank Lindsey Graham for articulating Republican foreign policy so clearly:   the invasion and perpetual occupation of Syria, Iran, Mordor, Whoville and Westeros (as well as the reconquista of Iraq -- and not the real Iraq, but some Lindsey Graham's imaginary Iraq which was right on the verge of blossoming into a Jeffersonian democracy until Barack Obama messed it all up) by the US military, all of which will be paid for by something something tax cuts and "Simpson-Bowles".

So kiss your Social Security and Medicare goodbye grandma!

I also want to congratulate Senator Graham on the environmental soundness of using only 100% recycled Neocon crazytalk from the Bush Administration to stitch together the gauntlet with which he slapped all 73 other Republican candidates who are running to occupy the historic position of the man Hillary Clinton crushed in 2016.

As always, Squint was right there to helpfully baste Graham's steaming pile of Neocon Slaughterporn

with a thick layer of "It was a mistake to go in the way we did in 2003, and it was a mistake to get out the way we did" Both Siderist glaze.

This is your Liberal Teevee, America.

Enjoy it!


Mike Lumish said...

"not the real Iraq, but [every goat feltching Republican operative who opens his festering gob in public's] imaginary Iraq which was right on the verge of blossoming into a Jeffersonian democracy until Barack Obama messed it all up"

FSM sodomize me with His Noodley Appendage, but I am blood weary of that stupid talking point.

For those who have been asleep for a baker's dozen year, THE SURGE WAS A FAILURE. The Surge was - as one can see from the name - a temporary, unsustainable increase in troop levels intended to put a lid on the violence and create a safe space and enable a political solution. There was no political solution, ergo the Surge failed.

Becoming Beavis and settling down, everyone here knows this: how do we get this knowledge out into the world?

milegrinder said...

Every time I enter Costco last couple of months, an earnest youngster accosts me about whether I'd like to jump into a great deal with DirecTV. It's like the Latin back and forth we used to do at mass commencing with Dominus vobiscum; however, rather than et cum spiritu tuo, the kid gets "I'm an antenna guy. All that crap you're selling makes me puke." Fortuitously enough, Morning Joke and Charlene McCarthy have been out of my life for over a year. Life is good.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

You forgot Narnia, Hoth, and Ch'Rihan and Ch'Havran on the GOP hit list. ^_^

Professor Chaos said...

The only problem in the world now is that there are still a few countries left that we haven't invaded or bombed. Graham will solve that! I look forward to our occupation of Canada and nuking Switzerland because, you know, I'm pretty sure there are at least a few Muslins living in both those countries.