Sunday, May 17, 2015

Glass Housing Sales Remain Brisk, Ctd.

From the Twitter:

From Forbes:
Pierre Omidyar Ready To Spend $250 Million On Glenn Greenwald's News Startup

Funny old world.


Lit3Bolt said...

Drifty, Drifty...

When money is showered on Glenn Greenwald, it is magically transformed by the purity of his cause and becomes blameless and holy. Glenn Greenwald is among a rarefied few that are utterly untouched by the corrupting influence of money; other luminaries of this club also Republican Candidates (tm), All Libertarians Ever Born (tm), David Brooks and the Yessirs (tm), and Joel Osteen (tm)....well, there might be more than a few, but this doesn't include those people, the Clintons.

We all know the Clintons are willing to do anything, up to and including murder, for anyone who slides a fifty to them across a table. Just like any Democrats, black person, or Social Security recipient, the Moral Hazard of giving the Clintons money for speaking "fee-fees" (har har, we know what that means) is infinity billion times 11 infinity trillion to the infinity power.

Rubio sucking Koch? The Bushes, a noted American aristocrat family, kissing Sheldon's withered, stained rump? That's merely a business transaction/investment of common noble interests aligning like heavenly stars in the ether, a mere natural part of the natural world of our natural and traditional and normal civilization, and anyways the financial particulars are too complicated for you to understand.

And we can't do anything about that anyway because that's how the people MOST immune to the corrupting influence of money...the people who have the most of it...want it. And we have to play by their rules if we want any of that Moral Hazard-free money for ourselves.

The Libertarian Knot, ladies and gentleman!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Shorter Lit3Bolt: it's different when Glenn Greenwald does it, because the Free Market.

Longer Lit3Bolt:

"♪ Well, I'm belaboring the obvious
By now, you've noticed all those good times
This is as practical an exercise
As tapin' twenty cents to my transmission so any time I want to I can shift my pair-o-dimes... ♪"

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Shorter Shorter Greenwald: Why won't Pierre pay me 500,000 to tweet?

Don P said...

The best part of the that tweet is watching all the Great Unwashed Dirty Fucking Hippies on Twitter and the blogosphere politely pointing out the myriad directions in which ol' Glenn is such a comical hypocrite. So many of these directions I had forgotten.