Friday, April 10, 2015

Professional Left Podcast #279


“Around and around and around we spin,
with feet of lead and wings of tin...”
-- The Books of Bokonon



blackdaug said...

Some things to ponder for your SF segments:

Cliff said...

I've witnessed the inability of the Left (for some value of "The Left") to blame someone for our troubles.

The Unitarian Universalists I know are about as big a bunch of liberals as you can find in Phoenix.
But, while they're aware of problems like the roll-back of voting rights and the environment, as a group you can not get them to name who's at fault.

It's very much like the New Yorker article you talk about - a long list of problems, but they're treated as though they just sprung up fully formed.
How did we end up with millions of black people in prison? How did we end up with so many people living in poverty? Why can't we do anything to address global warming?
There's no way to tell these things, let's just rely on people's better instincts to pull us out of this!