Wednesday, April 08, 2015

10 Years After: 2012 -- With Gratitude

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with the Presidential Election year of 2012.

But first, I would like to pause to say "Thank You" to all the kind and very attractive people who have hit my tip jar commented or sent along an email since I started this little project.  Individual "Thank You's" will be flying out the door once I put this project to bed, but slightly around 2/3 the way through this retrospective it has become very clear that this was less of a clever notion and more of a long days hunched over the computer "Holy shit, what have I gotten myself into?" kinda deal.  

That's on the one hand (which is a bit numb and tingly.)

On the other hand, as the late George Carlin once said"Pull out? Doesn't sound manly to me, Bill. I say leave it in there and get the job done!"  So that's what imma gonna do.  

After which I'll sleep for three days, check to see if anyone has responded to any of the resumes I have launched into the ether, and write many notes of thanks to you fine people.

Your pal, 


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