Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick! Everyone Get Mad About This Now! -- Correction

And then watch as it fades...fades...fades...over the horizon and nothing -- nothing whatsoever -- happens.

Because like roaches and reality teevee, Conservative pundits like Tucker Carlson* Margaret Carlson's horrible whelping (and his malignant brother) survive everything.

From the pinnacle of the wingnut welfare food chain to the bottom, every feeding at the trough knows the poison in which they all traffic in one way or another is not subject to the normal laws of cause and effect and consequences.   Which is why, From top-dollar long-con artists like David Brooks, to professional rage-wholesalers like Bill O'Reilly, to middle-management man-child hucksters like Tucker Carlson to dumpster-diving human errors like Warner Todd Huston, these entrepreneurs of bedlam know that, however huge, numerous and otherwise-career-destroying their public fuck-ups may be, all they really have to do is hunker down and wait for it to all blow over.

Because it always does.


* Correction cheerfully noted!  Which is ironic considering...

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