Friday, March 20, 2015

Jon Stewart Is Now Full Driftglass 24/7

March comes in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb.

Jon Stewart came in like a comedian, and is leaving like a Liberal blogger.

Because like that tiny band of despised Liberal outsiders at the edge of the wilderness have been reporting for years, the monsters aren't coming.

They're already here, tearing us to pieces every day.

And the entire apparatus of our incredibly powerful, unimaginably profitable, First Amendment protected political media is single-mindedly devoted to job of enabling the monsters by pretending there are no monsters

No wonder Stew-beef is getting out.

This shit's not funny any more.


Dave McCarthy said...

good to see, unless one considers it too little too late...

Neo Tuxedo said...

Remember that time you had to quit embedding videos from The Daily Show because they were auto-playing, and right-thinking people despise autoplay so reflexively that I'm forced to conclude it must have been originally devised by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

Yeah, that's happening with this clip.

Don P said...

Not 24/7 Drifty, that horseshit false equivalence piece he ran last week about the Cotton letter/Pelosi trip to Syria had me infuriated. It was Stewart at his full blown "Rally to Restore Sanity/ Be a Smug Superior Arse" worse.

Uncle Fluffy still pops up occasionally, not President Bartlet.

Victor said...

Don P, that's not surprising. We all seem to forget that Jon Stewart, despite his position as a jester of sorts for America at large, is still a rich Beltway person, and his checks are still signed by a huge media corporation that has a vested interest in keeping the Both Sides narrative going.

He does only what is expected - he's not some independent voice in the wilderness, he's a guy who still has to hobnob with the Very Serious People, and that means he has to at least pretend that the people whose asses he kisses in private aren't contributing to the downfall of American society.

Deep down, I don't think he believes it, or at least he doesn't anymore, but it's still going to crop up now and then. Habits are hard to break.