Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crossing That Line Between Everyday Villainy

And cartoonish super-villainy (h/t The Simpsons).

There may some people who fell asleep during MSNBC's age of High Olbermannism and woke up yesterday that are astonished that today's perfect trifecta of jaw-droppingly irresponsible claptrap ever made it onto MSNBC.

I no longer wonder about such things.
Because, like you, I have watched MSNBC president Phil Griffin first commoditize Liberalism and then remainder it one betrayal at a time.

Still, when Squint and the Meat Puppet invite unreconstructed war criminal and pathological liar, Bloody Bill Kristol, on teevee to help them find America's real racists (Spoiler:  It's black rappers), it deserves special mention.   From The Atlantic:
You might find, like many people of many races, that some of the language used in some rap makes you uncomfortable (or you might not). But you might also be able to see the distinction between that and, say, a bus full of white members of a fraternity chanting about segregation and the extralegal murder of black people for their race.

You would, in that case, have a more nuanced understanding of race relations and hip-hop than Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of Morning Joe.

On Wednesday, she, Joe Scarborough, and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol embarked on a discussion of the controversy at the University of Oklahoma's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which my colleague Terrance Ross explains here. And despite the fact that members of the fraternity—whose house has been closed, and two of whose members were expelled—were singing things like "There will never be a nigger in SAE!/You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me," Brzezinski et al., have identified the Real Racists in this case.

They are, of course, black rappers.
Once again, I would remind Good Doctor Maddow that the next time she gets her jeremiad on (link from almost exactly one year ago) about how fucked up and shit The Media because they continue to let blood drunk monsters like Kristol have the run of the place, all she needs to do to get actual answers to her rhetorical questions is grab a camera, walk down the hall a few hundred feet, stick it in Joe Scarborough's face and ask him why he is so fucked up and shit.

(Spoiler:  That will never happen.  Because reasons.)

Or, alternatively, truck on up to executive country and ask Phil Griffin why he continues to employ people as fucked up and shit as Squint and the Meat Puppet.

(Spoiler:  That will never happen either.  Because policies.)

And thus does today's cartoonish super-villainy slowly become tomorrow's everyday villainy and next week's status quo.  

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