Friday, January 02, 2015

Today In "Both Sides Do It": Goggle-Eyed Wingnut House Pet Says What?

Whorehouse doormats go about their business with more dignity than Ron Christie.

Lichen shows more autonomy.

His loud, groveling heliotropic dependence on the largess of the Party of Bigots and Lunatics makes anyone with an ounce of self-respect cringe.

And yet there he is.  In print, nationwide.  On teevee.  On the "Both Sides Do It" channel.

So what does this petty fraction of a man have to say about the latest racist to be flushed out of hiding in his party and into the light?

What else?
Reverend Jeremiah Wright Was Worse Than Scalise
Thus once again performing the single function for which Ron Christie gets paid:  providing valuable cover-fire for the worst people in America.  From "NewsMax" (Motto: News for people who find 'World Net Daily' just a little too high-falutin'):

Ron Christie: Obama's Racist Pastor Far Worse Than Scalise's Error
Followed by +120 of exactly the kinds of comments you would imagine.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Still waiting for the racist speeches from Jeremiah Wright, and no I don't mean the chickens coming home to roost comments which mirrored Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell's statements on 9/11.

Also waiting for Wright's multiple elections to Congress to even the Both Sides Do It playing field.

Donna said...

I ask everyone who (still!) brings up Wright what the actual topic of his sermon was. I either get crickets or "how much he hates Murika!" I watched the whole sermon. He was demanding that America be better toward the rest of the world and quoted Scripture to back it up.

OTOH, when are Republicans going to be called upon to explain the RW preachers who constantly denounce America from the pulpit? You know, the ones like Falwell and Robertson (to name two of the most famous, but there are many, many more) who claim that God is sending terrorist attacks and weather disasters to us for our sinful ways? And we deserve them! IOKIYAR.

Unknown said...

That is so weird, the photo. Thought you had photo shopped an old David Brooks image. Separated at birth?