Monday, January 12, 2015

The Rambling Hobo of MSNBC

Seems to make out OK on cold winter days hunkering down on the Morning Joe steam-grate and nipping off of a bottle of cheap, David Brooks-brand white lightening:
Mike Barnicle

Extremism Is Our Untreatable Cancer

So today the phrases “Je suis Charlie” and “I am Charlie” ring the globe. Yet it has somewhat of a hollow echo because in some quarters, especially in America, the threat to speech, no matter how offensive and the cartoons in question were clearly on the border of outrageous, is bold and quite present. Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was recently booed from the stage and prevented from speaking at Brown University, where he was going to talk about policing and protecting our largest city; “Je suis Ray Kelly?”
Pundits who are unable to distinguish between boo's and a massacre have clearly never been within a country mile of either.

Thus freeing them up to get paid a lot of money to say remarkably idiotic things.

Pity my high school guidance counselor never mentioned how much money could be had selling conventional wisdom schlock.


Mike Lumish said...

Mike Barnicle is still alive? Why, it seems like a hundred years ago that he was busted for plagiarism and forced to resign in disgrace from the Globe. I can't say I was sorry to see the old crotch sniffer shuffle off into the outer darkness, but he seems to have landed on his feet.

Jerry B said...

I'm old enough to remember when Mike Barnicle deserved credibility.

Michael Corbett said...

When you're in the club the spotters make sure you always end up on your feed.