Monday, December 01, 2014

The Typos of Andrew Sullivan, Ctd.

Soothed with the sound, the king grew vain:
Fought all his battles o'er again;
And thrice he routed all his foes, and thrice he slew the slain.
-- John Dryden
Since it has been many years since Mr. Sullivan has responded to email from me, I'll continue to post helpful correction here.

For example, when Mr. Sullivan wrote:
If someone wanted to set up a site to include every single nasty illiberal aspect of the new identity politics, well … enjoy. Brendan Eich was just the beginning.
I'm sure what he must have meant was:
If someone wanted to set up a site to include every single nasty illiberal aspect of the new identity politics, well … enjoy. Brendan Eich  Alec Baldwin was just the beginning.
See, because all the real problems of the world have been solved, and because Mr. Sullivan would go mad if he didn't find something icky and Liberal to bitch about, he has apparently moved back into his 1980s dorm-room, dimmed the lights, sparked up a bomber joint and has dug in to refight the terrible scourge of...
 ...political correctness:
...There’s this deeply patronizing idea that minorities are fragile, terribly vulnerable, unable to laugh at themselves, and incapable of the to-and-fro of democratic debate and conversation. One reason I find the latest upsurge in identity politics on the left so dispiriting (and boring) is the assumption that minorities of a few kinds are so vulnerable, so oppressed, so burdened by majoritarian prejudice that they have to go through life demanding safe zones from “micro-aggressions” and other terrible assaults on their delicate sensibilities. Members of a minority are reduced to quivering recipients of “hate”, rather than actual living, breathing, thinking people who can surely give as good as they get in public discourse. But it appears an entire generation has now been educated into this mindless, maudlin mush.
Conservatives punch down.  They are by nature bullies and sadists who attack women, children, minorities, the weak, the poor, the elderly and basically anyone they perceive of as socially, economically or politically weaker than they are.

Generally, Liberals punch up.   We go after the bullies and sadists.

And Mr., Sullivan is an aging fop living in an ivory tower who does not understand the first damn thing about his adopted country,

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Horace Boothroyd III said...

Generally, Liberals punch up. We go after the bullies and sadists.

Well golly, by that definition our own beloved David Atkins is no liberal. The mighty big shot with his important blog and the big cheese in his county political machine (don't you forget it, sonny) who once barged in here to punch down and defend his little gang of thug buddies at the Daily Kos who were (and still are) plotting to sit out elections and thereby teach a lesson to the perfidious Democrats by throwing said elections to the Republicans who they consider to be only five percent more evil than Team D.

Well, they succeeded. Participation was down, and the kossacks are gloating, and Davey Boy must be really proud of himself. His mother, not so much. Time will tell which lesson the Democrats learn, whether they grovel before the self styled "liberals and progressives" (by which they mean leftists but the simpletons are too stupid to understand that, and we sure as hell don't want them) or whether they shift right as they always do after a defeat - the exact mirror image of the shift left that follows victory. Somebody needs to learn a lesson, all right.