Thursday, November 27, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #260

Once again, thanks to Kevin for our promo video!
"Happy Thanksgiving Citizens!"

--  The Professional Left

  • .#GivingTuesday:  The Hope Institute, Springfield IL -- Tell 'em "DG Sent Me"
  • Chris Hayes:  Mo Brooks can’t hear “Reagan” hears “Clinton”
  • PBS Newshour:  Ruth Marcus coddles David Brooks
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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sir.

---Kevin Holsinger

Robt said...

I too want to thank Kevin for the video clip from, They Live".

I confess, I actually own that DVD.
But, but ,but it was a gift..............

There is some societal displays of how people treat others for their privileges from the elite in control.
How it shows how wrong the SCOTUS was in Citizens United.
And the corrupting nature of such legalized corrupting.
So many metaphors in this B movie.

I won't spoil to outcome of running out of Bubble Gum.
It would be interesting to interview the movies Director and producer.

I dare the Professional Lefty's to find this director and interview him.
make that a drooling-double-dog-dare...