Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

This morning I burned the toast.

Then I spilled coffee on the cat.

Then I blamed it on "Washington dysfunction".

Now I am a regular guest on Meet the Press.


Also another case of Ebola was discovered in Texas, prompting an immediate and total ban on travel to and from the Lone Star state.

Kidding!  We only yap about banning travel to and from places as recommended by the John Bolton foreign policy think tank wizards at Fox News.

However it is worth noting that when we they are forced to in the face of a genuine public health crisis, a show like Meet the Press will go to an expert to talk about facts and whose advice is basically to use common sense, follow the protocols, take the threat seriously but (subtextually) ignore the hysterical lunatics who are trying to make political hay out of the misery and death of others:

Well, the protocols are there. I think we need to reemphasize the importance. One of the things that people don't fully appreciate, it's important about how you put them on and then how you take them off.


This is the actual--


The actual PPEs, the Personal Protective Equipment. When there have been breaches, it's not infrequently, and they have been very, very rare, what it happens, is that someone is in a PPE, they're fatigued, they've been working for a long time, and when they take it off, they do something inadvertent, like brushing their face or something like that. I don't know how it happened. The CDC's investigating it, but that's very likely what happened. An inadvertent breach.


Look, a lot of Americans are going to watch this, they've been telling, we, all of us in the media, you guys in the medical community have been telling them, "This is not something, you don't have to fear an Ebola patient. It's not going to spread in the community." And now people are going to wake up and see, and some of it may feel irrational, but how do you calm the--



Yeah, but Chuck, I think the important thing to do is to emphasize the difference between the confidence that there won't be an outbreak, which is fundamentally prevented by putting the patient in isolation and doing contact tracing to kind of get an umbrella around them, versus the unfortunate inadvertent breach of a protocol that would get a health care. We're still quite confident because of our ability to reach out, do the contact tracing, and isolate people who are infected, that we won't have a public outbreak. That's a different thing than an individual healthcare worker unfortunately getting infected.

But when it comes to a genuine crisis in civil society governance, the Mouse Circus does exactly the opposite:  it collectively kicks facts to the curb and turns the spotlight over to a gang of hysterical lunatics and a gang of Both Siderist knob-polishers who would happily fault the Ebloa virus and the CDC equally if only someone would pay them to do it,

For example, here former respectable news reader Tom Brokaw brings us our daily View From Nowhere report on who exactly these reckless panic peddlers in our midst are with all the detail and fidelity to fact that we have come to expect from our Villager media (emphasis added):

There’s a great awareness now in this country because there’s a lot of information, a lot of panic that is being stoked by a concentration of a portion of the mass media about cases that really don’t amount to much...
A little later on, and we're playing the same game: spreading the blame to everyone to avoid blaming anyone:

You know, Tom, one of the reasons why I think politicians have felt so comfortable playing the sphere card is the media's gone right in.


They have. I mean, and--

CHUCK TODD: We say "they." You know, we can't be too dispassionate.
Jesus Hūsker Dū Christ, they really do put such enormous care and effort (Candyman!) into never mentioning (Candyman!) Fox News or Hate radio (Candyman!)  by name don't  they?

Well since I have never tried to address a letter of complain to "the media" or "a concentration of a portion of the mass media", perhaps ol' Tom could clue me in as to it's street address, city, state and zip code.

Meanwhile, take a wild guess what noted Wasilla Hillbilly Grifter Promoter and Czar Hater

Senator John McCain (R-Deadinside) --
-- thinks the President of the United States should do about Ebola? (h/t Heather at Crooks and Liars):
McCain Calls For 'Ebola Czar'
Which is just too fucking perfect.

And, finally, the wine-soaked gym sock that Rupert Murdoch uses to doodle columns in the Wall Street Journal

thinks that Leon Panetta's book about all the ways in which he was terribly disappointed by Barack Obama is too that Panetta is too hard on the likes of Newt Gingrich and her demon-lover from beyond the grave, Ronald Wilson Reagan:

Remember, voting against the politics and policies of these people is the best possible revenge.


Monster from the Id said...

Dropping the unnecessary "c", "Ebolazar" would make a great name for one of the Nazgul in a Tolkienverse fanfiction story.

jabberwocky said...

Please, please, please can we grant Rick Perry his wish and let Texas secede from the Union? Please! Not only will it increase the average intelligence of the US, but it will take our Ebola infection rate back to zero.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

prompting an immediate and total ban on travel to and from the Lone Star state.

I can't speak for the rest of the nation, but personally my life would have been little bit more happy had this ban been instituted twenty five years ago. I'm just saying...

Kathleen said...

This morning I burned the toast.
Then I spilled coffee on the cat.
Then I blamed it on "Washington dysfunction".
Now I am a regular guest on Meet the Press.

Excuse me, Mr. Glass, but you would never score a gig on Bleat The Mess by blaming your missteps on "Washington Dysfunction". The correct answer is, "Thanks, Obama."

But thanks for playing, and you will receive a year's supply of Rice A Roni just for being a contestant.

Yastreblyansky said...

I do love that bit from Brokaw suggesting that "information" and "panic" are synonyms. Some winger outlet was asking, "Is it time to panic?" like at some specific historical moment panicking is a *good* thing.

bowtiejack said...

I hope this won't sound unfair, but it's been a while since I heard La Noonan's voice and it had the same effect as always - it literally makes my skin crawl so that I'm asking myself "maybe an antihistamine would help."

Anonymous said...

I just read your blogpost - very interesting.

I just have to ask - is this a coincidence, or do you realise what you wrote in this sentence:

"Jesus Hūsker Dū Christ"

I am Danish and that sentence - in my language - literally means:

"Hey, Jesus, do you remember Christ?"

I remember that Hüsker Dü was an American band, but did you make this joke on purpose? :)

/ Kasper from Copenhagen

Mister Roboto said...

Well, I think we all pretty much knew that once there was so much as a single case of ebola in the USA, the hair-on-fire crowd wasn't going to disappoint. And as much as I know you detest the "both sides" meme, the sad fact is, there are some marginal people from the left in that crowd. Or at least on teh Internetz there are.

On one website I frequently read, I posted the two reality-based links about the ebola epidemic that I posted here about two comment-threads down, and this garnered a response that was such a sundae of "ho-lee shee-it" that it read like somebody doing a very ham-fisted parody of one of the denizens of the local left in Madison. So probably all we can really do at this point is just break out the Sun Chips and enjoy the show. Ah, good old human nature!

Anonymous said...

You may wish to know that Harlan Ellison suffered a stroke.

I will make this brief. A couple of days ago Harlan had a stroke. He's in the hospital. His right side is paralyzed.
He's comfortable -- as possible. We will keep you up-to-date with his progress.
With all kindness -- Susan

Dan said...

On my place of work an otherwise reality based person was spouting offabout a bunch of Texans had been iinfected, etc.
I finally realized how those high school rumors got started albeit this is a bit more serious.
I wonder what happens if say a dozen people get infected?

dinthebeast said...

Of course McCain wants them to appoint a czar, to steer the story away from who cut the budget of the people who could actually DO anything about Ebola. There's an election coming up, for Pete's sake.
And panic? Why else would anyone vote for them?
The Rude Pundit said that they should build a giant border fence around Texas to keep the Ebola from getting out, and if you can't trust the Rude Pundit, who can you trust?

-Doug in Oakland