Friday, October 24, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #255 -- Correction Issued

“...It is for us, my countrymen, to show by our bearing under reverses how wretched has been the self-deception of those who have believed us less able to endure misfortune with fortitude than to encounter danger with courage. We have now entered upon a new phase of a struggle the memory of which is to endure for all ages and to shed an increasing luster upon our country.

...If by stress of numbers we should ever be compelled to a temporary withdrawal from her limits, or those of any other border State, again and again will we return, until the baffled and exhausted enemy shall abandon in despair his endless and impossible task of making slaves of a people resolved to be free.”
-- Jefferson Davis, April 4, 1865,
as his Confederacy was being
pounded out of existence.


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Habitat Vic said...

So that "hole in the wall club on Belmont" from the 80s you mention sure sounds like Berlin. I'm told its still there, but is less Punk and more Boystown than when we went there.

At least it survives. A few years ago I drove by another Punk hangout of mine from the 80s, Lucky Number/Club 950. The building was torn down and replaced with a restaurant.

And speaking of survival, MTP &Shuck Todd, David Fucking Brooks, George Will, etc. I get the part about my getting old and Time marches on, but dear God, how about my living long enough to see some comeuppance to those clowns.

Monster from the Id said...

Vic, do you believe any gods or afterlives exist?

Because if none of those exist, you can just forget about those darlings of the Fates getting any comeuppance. They are set for this life.

Fritz Strand said...

BTW, the reason I suggested that you need to write a book was I heard an interview with Citizens Radio who had just released a book. You might also get more airtime out of it.

Plus, if you wrote a book you might do a book tour
which would force you to travel to the heart of darkness where I live, D.C..