Monday, September 08, 2014

The Last Defender of Whinealot

Sure Chris McDaniel lost.

Lost over and over again.

But he's not giving up,

Because Hitler, dammit!


From The Clarion-Ledger:
McDaniel lawyer confident with appeal

As his lawyers appealed dismissal of his election lawsuit to the state Supreme Court on Friday, Chris McDaniel referenced Nazism on his Facebook page.

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil," McDaniel, who was reportedly out of state, posted Friday, quoting Deitrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran reverend and anti-Nazi dissident in World War II Germany. "God will not hold us guiltless … Not to act is to act."

Specially appointed Judge Hollis McGehee last week dismissed McDaniel's challenge of his June 24 primary runoff loss to incumbent GOP Sen. Thad Cochran, saying McDaniel waited too late to file his lawsuit.

An appeal of the lower court ruling in an election challenge by law goes to the state Supreme Court.

McGehee agreed with Cochran attorneys that a 1959 state Supreme Court decision is "still good law," and imposes a deadline of 20 days after the election for filing a challenge, first with the state Republican Party. McDaniel filed his challenge with the state party 41 days after he lost the runoff to Cochran by 7,667 votes.

McDaniel attorneys argued that election laws had been changed since 1959, particularly with a 1986 overhaul, and the 1959 "Kellum" ruling was moot. The judge disagreed, saying the laws on challenging primary elections were substantially the same as at the time of the ruling.

McDaniel lead attorney Mitch Tyner on Friday said: "We continue to be confident that when Senator McDaniel's challenge is heard on the merits it will change the results of the Republican primary. Republicans should be allowed to choose their nominee without influence or raiding by Democrats."
There is something about a whiny Teabagger.

From Mississippi.

Bitching about the Nazis and the fairness of election laws.

That is so fucking delicious...


Robt said...

Questions for McDaniel,
Did you not have the opportunity to sway black voters as did you opponent?

-Do you believe that Gerrymandering by the republican party has done harm to our democracy? tainted other elections ?

-Are you aware that within the Affordable Care Act lies a provision of insured coverage for "mental health care"?

-At what time in America would it be convenient for you and other conservative southerners that a U.S. President is allowed to be of African-American decent?

-How long must I be patient with you to evolve , to gather wisdom of age and display it?

-Why has your God forsaken you?

If only a journalist, reporter would
sustain inquiries pointedly resulting in answers or the sound of burning footsteps as he runs from the questions.
One would have to withstand the Benghazi, Hitler, Freedom rants though.

Anonymous said...

Wallace Stevens would understand.

gratuitous said...

Tyner has to say what he said, because the alternative is that he committed malpractice by blowing a deadline. Right now, he's fighting in court for the right to avoid a mark against his bar ticket, which makes this kind of personal. If you think Tyner's a whiner now, stay tuned.

Robt said...

Wallace Stevens?

Anonymous said...

Oops. Aging synapses. :) Driftglass was actually recalling William Carlos Williams with those last lines. Unless I am completely misreading the construction and he just it wrote it that way because he's inherently poetic.... Just go on without me.

bowtiejack said...


Having formerly been in that business (lawyering), I can assure you there is an entire spectrum of competence just as there is in, oh I don't know, auto mechanics or lawn maintenance.

The good ones are really good (and usually bought up by the plutocrats to work in Wall Street and Washington law firms defending their capitalist privileges). But many of the ambitious others, especially in political situations, are big on the shouting and not so big on the dreary library stuff of dotting i's and crossing t's that NEVER escapes the Wall Street priests of property, champions of the 300-page credit card "agreement".