Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

I can't say it's true
And I won't say it's not.
But there's been talk.

-- The Quiet Man
Congratulations, you have now heard almost everything there was to hear at The Mouse Circus this week.


If you need to know more, renowned internet quitter Tbogg has unquitted long enough to explain why everything you see on the NBC Death Ship --

-- sucks like Cygnus-X1 and will continue to do so, taking everything down with it, including its little sister MSNBC, forever:
There are many children with famous names at NBC/MSNBC who could have been chosen — Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Mark Halperin, Jenna Bush Hager, Chelsea Clinton (who recently left to give birth to a campaign prop, so I am told), Abby Huntsman, Ron Reagan Jr., Ronan Farrow, Meghan McCain (since departed) — but they chose Luke.

Probably because they thought he might attract the all-important youthful no-socks-and-boat-shoes-wearing-bro demographic, although more likely, he’ll draw your grandmother who thinks he looks like a nice young man with good manners and he probably calls his mother daily and his pants don’t sag off his butt and he doesn’t look like he listens to that hippy-hop rap music and smoke drugs and why can’t you be more like him and put that damn cell phone down and look at me when I talk to you?

The other reason is that, by bringing Luke on board, they are effectively getting his dad, Tim Russert, back.

Luke likes everything that his dad liked...

And then, just to drive his point home with a 20 pound sledge, he inflicts this on his readers, because he is a terrible, terrible, person:

That one worthwhile moment on "Meet the Press" was the presence of Bernie Sanders, a real live Liberal Senator from the American state of Vermont who is notable for A) his unabashed support of all of those awesome, cask-strength Dirty Hippie issues that make a lot of Corporate Dems cringe and a lot of Republicans start talking about seceding, B) the only filibuster in living memory which was actually used to educate, persuade and uplift and, C) his accent, which, legend has it was, was accidentally swapped at birth with that of the bastard son of a Brooklyn longshoreman.

Senator Sanders was in fine voice today --

Chuck Todd asked Sanders if he was okay with left supporting billionaires participating in the process or if his issue was with the entire process.

Sen. Sanders said, “Chuck, I think Citizens United will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. I think it is opening up the road to oligarchy in the United States of America, where the billionaires like the Koch brothers….left or right, but it’s mostly right let’s be clear.”
I would love to see Bernie run in the Democratic primaries as a proud, fighting Liberal.

But before anyone cracks open the Cold Duck and declares a rebirth of the Algonquin Round table, let us remember that even back in Ye Olde Gregorian Dayes of Meet Thee Press,  Fluffy would periodically try to inoculate himself against being burned in effigy every week by the Dirty Hippies, by tossing a sop to the Liberals, such as here when he invited Subcommander Markos on his show.  

Alert viewers will notice how Gregory took extra precautions against Markos running amok and biting people by positioning him within an extra strong Liberal containment field -- triply reinforced by Joe Scarborough, Ed Gillespie and professional Obama troll Tavis Smiley -- while Greggers guarded the Both Siders perimeter to insure that the conversation never veered away from Obama's abject failure to sufficiently reach out to those nice Republicans who were falling all over themselves to work with him. 

Oh if only he weren't so angry!  And partisan!  And black!

After which Greggers, per The Gingrich Rules. went back groveling for the approval of creatures like disgraced wingnut demagogue Newton Leroy Gingrich by giving them virtually unlimited, unfettered access to NBC 's once-proud Sunday morning public interest program.

Still, points to you Chuck Todd for remembering that Senator Bernie Sanders exists.

Down the dial it was Fox News' turn to point a camera at America's Most Dementedly Wrong Grandpa this week, but since no one but shut-ins, lunatics, those who died in the night during a rerun of "13 Hours in Benghazi: The Inside Story" and professional toxic waste handlers actually watch Fox News, I will leave it to the pros like Heather at Crooks and Liars to bring you up to speed on what was so important that the J.D. Salinger of basic cable pundit shows --

-- had to break his long silence and finally, reluctantly speak his mind:
John McCain was back on the air continuing to attack the Obama administration for not arming the Syrian rebels, but given the recent news that ISIS just struck a deal with these so-called "moderates," McCain might want to stop making statements like this one during interviews as he did this Saturday on Fox: McCain: I’ve Vetted Syrian Rebels, People Not Trusting Them Making ‘Excuses’...
And for people not swayed by that argument, McCain threw this out: you got anything better?

“Obviously, there are some risks, but what’s our other option here? If someone who says they can’t––they don’t want to do it because we can’t trust the Free Syrian Army, then what is your option, sir and ma’am, in how we are going to attack ISIS in an effective fashion?”...
They gave McCain's ferocious teacup poodle a platform too--

-- to keep him from chewing Chris Wallace's house slippers to confetti and pooping up the Fox News Green room:
Lindsey Graham Freaks Out At Obama's ISIS Strategy
And the inexplicably unincarcerated Karl Rove was on hand to efficiently reiterated almost exactly the same "Obama Lost Iraq!" Dolchstossified "history"
"...the notion, widely believed in right-wing circles in Germany after 1918, that the German Army did not lose World War I but was instead betrayed by the civilians on the home front..."
that Rush Limbaugh relentlessly trowels out the Pig People each and every week,

Carthago Delenda Est.


Robt said...

So much stated, so little time for such a little hippie mind.

As Grumpy McCain was on a solo media bombing run, Let me just say,
Lindsey "Boulderguard" Graham's Glen Beck epileptic media fit over Obama was irregularly incredible.

Someone at the White House would be advised well if they would call out Lindsey "Boulderguard" and ask the Lindsey via the media to submit legislation personally to the Senate that approves of and clearly provides congressional approval for all Lindsey declares needs to be done. That the President is not doing (In Lindsey's world that is).
Bring on the Senator Graham legislation to burn down the world to get ISIS?

President Obama should demand a 25 cent tax per year on every American for the endeavor of this ISIS downgrading.
That should make a down payment. It will also cause every right ideological zealot's head to exp load. Which can cause the debate, is Lindsey's crusade worth it?
Then as all FOX News bloviates on how the President is raising taxes, Tax ans spend liberal democrat!
The question can be put to Chuck Toad, "do you want it on the credit card?
That is when Luke (Duke) Russert chimes in with the sharp penetrating question that when it comes to the name of the NFL team "Redskins" would it make Native Americans happy if they renamed the team the Pal faces" Or perhaps the Crackers?

Bottom line,
Lindsey, have you determined who is going to pay for this ISSIS crusade?
Have you and your republican Tea potting misfit colleague addressed the funding for your world policing adventures?
Will your Kich Brothers be willing to be taxed for this ISIS crusade? Would you place a tax on corporations to fight ISIS?

So MSNBC wants to attract more conservatives viewers?

I think only conservative operatives are going to use MTP for their propaganda.

Which raises the question,
What is FOX's liberal equivalent of MSNBC's MTP or Morning Joseph?
The conservative viewers of FOX are not going to get up to reach for the remote to change the channel from FOX to MSNBC for Chuck Toad.
Hell, they are on the couch wrapped in their Snuggie with the absorbent Shame- WOW material made into depends. Even if one of these FOX viewers had one of those
clapper" channel changers. They can't trust those commie libruls.

gratuitous said...

"How are we going to attack ISIS in an effective fashion?"

Or, to put it another way, "I've driven the car off the cliff, you take the wheel and let's see how your precious brakes work now."

Kathleen said...

Shorter Luke Russett: "Obama is the most wurstest EVAH!!! I can haz my daddy's job now?

n1ck said...

Oligarchy is slowly and surely turning into aristocracy.

Daddy had a show, and now it's the sons turn to run it.

Capitalism -> Fascism -> Oligarchy -> Aristocracy.

DeistPaladin said...

Orwell's visions have come to pass. History can be re-written.

Now W Bush was victorious in Iraq.

W Bush had always been victorious in Iraq.

War is peace...