Saturday, August 02, 2014

There Was A Time...


Horace Boothroyd III said...

I'm so old, I remember when we taught our children that America's greatest strength was our Melting Pot heritage: from all the races of the world, the immigrant and the refugee, we forged the Greatest Nation that Ever Was.

We were so strong back then, we took pride in knowing that our constitutional rights were basic human rights that applied to all men everywhere, even in the less enlightened countries that had yet to make formal recognition of these facts.

So fuck you Ronnie, and fuck you Ralph: this country is better than you.

Monster from the Id said...

Nice poster. WW2 vintage?

Robt said...

But what about the Benghazi Thong?

What colors do they come in?

Is there senior discounts?

What about Group ons?

Do they come In Big and tall sizes?

I'll have one extra large pinko Benghazi Thong with a large cup of Birth certificate and a side order of Fast and furious smothered with a lavish law suit, wrapped up in impeachment.
make that to go during an election.

Fred said...

Gosh i'm a sucker for that kind of kitchy poster art. That and fruit crate labels. Must be something wrong with me.