Monday, August 04, 2014

Employment Advice for the Middle-Aged Man

"When you go in for a job interview I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.”
-- Jack Handy
As always, if you are a middle-aged man with few skills and a wretched public reputation on the verge of an ugly firing in the middle of a terrible job market, your very best option is to be David Gregory:
David Gregory meets with CNN
By Page Six TeamAugust 3, 2014

As rumors swirl that David Gregory could be replaced as host of “Meet the Press,” the embattled anchor may already be lining up his next move: He was seen meeting at CNN Thursday.

Sources have said that Gregory’s days at “Meet the Press” are numbered, with ratings down, but that NBC would likely wait until after the midterm elections to make any change. But multiple sources told us that the former NBC White House correspondent was seen in CNN’s building Thursday afternoon, signaling he could be prepping a move himself.

A move to CNN would make sense, sources told Page Six, since the anchor enjoyed close ties with former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker before the exec took over at CNN Worldwide last year.

“No one was surprised to hear David was meeting over at CNN,” a network-news insider said after word spread that Gregory was spotted at the rival news network. “Jeff and David have been very close professionally and personally. Jeff was a champion of David’s during his time at NBC. Their families are close. They have a very strong relationship that dates back to the 1990s.” Before rising to CEO, Zucker had been producer of ­“Today” when Gregory was hired at the network.

Another source said CNN is “currently testing for a prime-time pilot that could be perfect for David.”


Kathleen said...

Considering it's CNN for crying out loud anything would be perfect for David. Isn't CNN also tanking? Maybe he and Toddler could do a reality show about hard hitting journalists daring to not create liberal bias. Or something.

Yastreblyansky said...

David Gregory on CNN? Snarkists around the world clap their hands in delight--it's like the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Cirze said...

Will this be before the Koch Bros. make their offer or after?

Wayne Dickson said...

Hey! I know! How 'bout having Pat Buchanan step in for David?

DG, you know you talk about how wealthy David Gregory is. He doesn't need food. Think of a replacement for "food" on that sign. What does Gregory really, *really* crave?

Sesame Street quiz: Which "DG" doesn't belong with the others?

[D]avid [G]regory
[D]ick [G]regory
[D]rift [G]lass

If they want to replace him with another Republican, then Chuckie Todd probably has the inside track, dontcha think?


steeve said...

Get that piece of crap to Fox. They'll pretend they have a liberal host and it'll be awesome.

Anonymous said...

The screaming in my head; Make it stop! Make it stop!!! Arrrrrggggghhhhh!