Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Town Has Turned To Dust

Michael Brown's autopsy verifies what everyone except Conservative media has already figured out.


CM said...

Apparently there was a peaceful protest in St Louis in support of the cop who was only doing his job.

Kathleen said...

And they're selling T Shirts. That reference 6 bullets. $7 each.

Robt said...

As Police, The most difficult job in their description is to , Serve and Protect and maybe keep the peace.

We have seen how Florida passes laws for citizens to perform protecting.

We end up with a security guard packing and threatened by a pot smoking black teen with iced tea and skittles. He deserved it and had it coming for walking in the area. If you adhere to the right wing media.
My local conservative radio is really ranting on about how 6 shots wasn't enough, when it comes to jay-walking while black in Ferguson.