Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Twat

If you were to amble about halfway down a lead article in The Wake Up White People! Pantagraph The National Review you would find this sentence fragment by Rich Lowrey:
"It is true that the Bush administration had agreed to end our troop presence..."
This is virtually the only evidence you would uncover that the Bush Administration ever existed, ever lied us into war in Iraq, ever botched that war, ever bankrupted the country or pissed away our credibility, and so on.

Instead, you will find one more coat of lacquer on the wingnut fairy tale that the Iraq war had been decisively won by George Bush and the Forces of Good and that everything was pretty swell until Barack Obama petulantly threw it all away.

Because he hates Murrica.

As always, the comment section at the National Review follows suit, wallowing in their raging, paranoid certainty that it was always Barry O's plan to destroy Murrica, how ironic it is that a black guy man will be responsible for ultimately destroying Murrica and how no one should be surprised seeing as how Progressives are just "a rug and noon prayers" away from being bomb throwing jihadists anyway.

In other words, the typical, gagging, racist glop you'll find clogging up most Conservative website comment sections, presided over by a typical lying, sniveling Conservative turd.

And there would be no reason to trouble you with this brief excursion through the open sewer of American Conservatism were it not for where this particular lying, sniveling Conservative turd spent his Sunday -- sittin' around the "Meet the Press" table, kickin' it with Mrs. Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory

Mainstreaming lying, sniveling Conservative turds like Rich Lowrey has been David Gregory's signature contribution to American political discourse.

And undoing that damage is going to take a long, long time.

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Jado said...

I admire your confidence that this damage will EVER be undone. I think in order for it to be undone, we would have to admit that the damage was done in the first place, and by "we" I mean ALL of us.

Never happen, cause some of us will go to the grave denying the evidence of their own eyes and mortgages and bankruptcies.