Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Tears of a Clown

David Gergen:  adviser to presidents and walker with kings


Pinkamena said...



Anonymous said...

You're Welcome.
(second listing when you Google the phrase "fuck Eric Cantor")

bowtiejack said...

It's Beltway Disease.

Pamela Harrington, roundheel to the rich and famous, used to have Democratic "policy" gatherings at her Georgetown manse. The unctuous flattering and kowtowing was reported to run so deep you needed hip boots.

The GOP, and especially Young Republicans, are much worse though (as befits courtiers).

ChiefD said...

Gergen spoke at one of my sons' college commencement a few years ago. Worst commencement speaker I ever heard. Boring as hell, uninspirational, with an subtextual feeling of "Can't believe I came to this cowtown. When do I get my check?" David Gergen--the David Brooks of politics.

Montag said...

The very sad thing about this is that Gergen was likely not drunk when he wrote it.

And therefore has no ready apology for it.