Monday, June 16, 2014

Just When You Thought Texas Might Run Out Of Stupid...

That's not just some random, rabid dregs from the bottom of the comment section of a Free Republic post.

No, a sitting United States Senator who said that.

I guess when your state boasts some of the most staggeringly stupid and flamboyantly seditious demagogues in America, you have to do something extra monstrous to stand out.  So congrats, Senator.  You have finally shit yourself and shamed your state publicly enough to earn a mention on this week's podcast.


Jerry Critter said...

He may not be from the Free Republic, but he is still from the rabid dregs. Only this time, from the rabid dregs of the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

The Corny-Cruze axis is strikingly parallel to the alQuaeda-ISIL road.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the coward just come right out and say it:

Sad but true @benshapiro: It took nearly 4,500 American lives to win freedom for Iraq. It took one nigger to lose it.

I mean, I'd still think he was one of the biggest scumbags on earth, but at least I'd respect his refreshing, straightforward honesty.

Monster from the Id said...

When did Iraq have freedom, Senator?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Right after Bush gave it to them by blowing them up, Monster. Sheesh.

Robt said...

There is only one hundred U.S. Senators in the United States. This should make being one of one hundred very special. Therefore conduct should stand out.
Cornyn does not display what I expect from a Senaotr. He is not my senator and if he was I would be in touch with his office bending ears.
As I served under 3 Presidents and didn't agree with them all entirely. I still conducted my service with a lift in the level of honor.
I had the most diferences with President GW Bush, and his adventurous Administration at America's expense.
I do not recall calling him a "Cracker". Stupidity and greed os not limited to one race.
I find myself in disagreement with the 7:23pm comment stating how more respect he would provide for using the "nigger" word in reference to the President by Cornyn. Disagree I do.
I prefer this to remain shamed into the closeted language that will reduce the heated rise of violence that can find its home in the open with no more shame to push back.
Sure, Cornyn may have meant "Negger: as you believe. I ask,
Do you really think you would find the use of the "N" word more refreshing and deserving more respect for doing so?
I may agree with you that Cornyn was blowing the dog whistle.
If this is how Cornyn earns more respect from you for speaking as you explain. What more respect might he get from his state constituents that vote for him?
Freedom of speech is awesome and Cornyn displays the lack of responsibility,discipline and spirit that should come with that awesome freedom.
Sen McCain displays his failures when he goes on the FOX tour round-robin to name call Obama as "Feckless".
This causes me to call him Grumpy grandpa McCain.
I suggest calling their offices and explaining to them that you are indignant with his childish mean scandalous name calling.
Just a suggestion.........\
And what is Sen Cornyn noted for in his career in Congress? He is a failure and he knows it, Cornyn is in search of his legacy for his tombstone and for his family to remember him as something special.

Anonymous said...

exactly, Monster! In his haste to pin something big on the black guy in the white house, Cornpone had to spew the biggest lie about the biggest foreign policy mistake in our lifetime: the delusional notion that it had WORKED...

Dan said...

Freedom. Right. Funny thing about freedom is that its messy. People are free to do the very the very things that contradict freedom
Almost as if you can't impose freedom on them at the end of a gun.
Almost like they need to choose it or maybe it was never their freedom?

n1ck said...

Anytime a conservative uses the word freedom, hold onto your wallet and your children as tight as you can.

Unknown said...

John Cornyn is among the large number -- majority, by now -- of Republican legislators who are actual, ambulatory, genuine idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ayep, the stupid burns. They just can't wrap their heads around the fact that the Iraqis actually have their freedom right now. Bludgeoning their neighbors is how they are choosing to use their freedom and this is what Americans died for. A bitter pill to swallow, if you are inclined to recognize reality.

--Nonny Mouse

Mister Roboto said...

Texas run out of stupid? That's about as likely as Minnesota running out of snotty passive-aggressiveness!

Jerry Critter said...

Or the Milky Way running out of stars.