Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fundraiser Day Five: Today In "Both Sides Do It"

"So you're exactly right.  Everybody looks back.  Democrats love talking about 2003 to 2007 and how bone-headed Republicans were.  You've got Neocons who love to talk about 2007 and the Surge and 2011 and all the mistakes the Democrats made.

But the question is, what do we do moving forward."

-- Squint Scarborough, 06/24/14
Dick Cheney's commands have been received loud and clear by his myrmidons.
  • You are not going to talk about the past.
  • You are not going to make any noises about bringing to book any of the bloodthirsty ghouls who lied this country into war.
  • When anyone asks anything tricksy about the past, aggressively deploy Conservative Deflector Strategy Number One --  Both Sides! Both Sides! Both Sides! -- and then immediately shift the subject from Yesterday to Tomorrow.
As I have already written ad nauseum, the "Both Sides" lie is the biggest Big Lie in American politics.  There isn't even a close second.  It is the fool-proof escape route for every Conservative douchbag from Dick Cheney to Joe Scarborough to Andrew Sullivan to your Crazy Uncle Liberty.  It is the lifeboat every one of them uses to duck accountability every time another one of their toxic fair tales goes up in smoke.

And until their "Both Sides Do It" escape pod is blown out of the sky once and for all, this is the way things will continue to be.

1 comment:

Robt said...

So sadly,
much truth to the Cheney pronouncement of what is acceptable to discuss in a country where it is very vital for the voters to have the best information to make critical decisions on how to cast their vote.
Without this, Democracy breaks down.

In this time warp of Citizens united, corporations are people (and these people have a special shield of liability that others do not in law) their money is speech, their speakers speak, even their insane pig hearted dictators speaks.
All this speech of theirs is not adequate.
Not enough to shout loud enough to drown out descent. Their speech is now in charge of who else can speak and when. But also who must be silenced !
Visit a Tea Party rally and see how they like to squelch the speech of others they disagree.
Because LIBERTY !
When you believe that republicans are
"sugar, spice and everything nice"
While Liberals are
"Snakes, snails and filthy puppy dog tails"
Well, they choose their projections.
You know, Because of Freedom !!!