Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why "The Dish" Doesn't Have A Comment Section

I'm just going to sit over here, way in the back, next to the blogosphere's kitchen door, doodling on the table cloth, while some guys at the blogosphere's head table punch each other in the dick.

Tweet text


Kathleen said...

For once I agree with Sullivan. The Tweet poop is hysterical.

Tom said...

I gave up reading Andrew awhile ago in order to protect my own health, so thanks for doing the Good Work in keeping us unworthies up to date, Driftglass.

One thing I'll say for Andrew though, he never backs down from an assault by the loonies. This should be interesting.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Oh, Goodie! This is better than Godzilla versus Mothra.

Ordinarily I avoid the twittertwat machine because the intellectual content is vanishingly small, but a bit of mental junk food now and again is no biggie.

Karen Crosby said...

Outta sight. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sully is right. Greenwald is allowed to hold on to what he views as the most sensational and damaging news from the Snowden files until a year after the original story broke.

He admits to orchestrating the entire story from beginning to end and likens it symbolically to a fireworks show. Journalist or showman?

GG gets to control the narrative with zero pushback outside of one or two medium grade questions without a follow up. Why? Because his story makes money.

blader said...

GG will ooze it all out slowly, writing $book after $book, until long, long after nobody gives a shit. Like Woodward, only worse.