Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where Was Your Constitutional Conservative Outrage Then?

 Where were your squealing demands for show trials then?

Where was your mad, righteous dash for impeachment then?

Maybe they were there, but we just couldn't hear your deep, Constitutional Conservative concern over deficits and executive power and the fate of American's being killed in faraway lands over the sound of you shouting yourself stupid over shit like this:

Lying about the past is now the full time job of Fox News and Hate Radio and even respectable Very Serious Conservative Public Intellectuals.

Making sure Conservatives are never held to account for the things they have said and done in the past is now the primary function of our Mainstream Media.

And like the beleaguered protagonist of Bradbury's To the Chicago Abyss, it has become the job of Liberals to perform the increasingly radical act of refusing to forget.

No wonder everyone hates us.


Bluesborn said...

Another home run Driftglass.Looking through those videos got me thinking about how easily we allow the past to slip away and be buried.All of those crimes and criminals-like it never happened at all.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

You're from Chicago, Driftie, any local gossip about why President Obama refused to investigate the very real crimes of his predecessor? In Salt Lake City we have plenty of legends about Karl Rove and his legendary acts of ratfucking at the U.

marindenver said...

I know I'll never ever forget. And I think you, driftglass, for pounding away at this day after day and week after week. It can't be let go.

the cheese eater said...

"Holy Shit, Your'e just figuring this out?"

The American military industrial complex starts wars, occupies countries, assassinates world leaders, funds insurgencies and counter insurgencies, sets up no fly zones and 50 year long embargoes, destabilizes "unfriendly" governments, overthrow others, all while providing golden parachutes and safe havens for various murderous dictators that were removed by popular rebellions in their home countries.

These activities have been happening every year that I've been living on Earth. It is ALL part of the historical record. EVERY U.S. presnit has participated in one or more of the above. You know this to be true.

So go ahead Druftglass, throw sand in your readers’ eyes. Engage in rhetorical tricks like bait and switch and cherry picking. Avoid chains of evidence and chains of reasoning, you know, actual arguments, and instead use all your rhetorical skills to persuade your readers that Both Sides Don't. Keep tell tellin em that once we piss on the ashes of the Republican Party NAFTA will get them a high paying job with 6 weeks vacation, Wall Street deregulation will increase the value of their foreclosed house. Tell em that that Eric Holder is better than Roberto Gonzales and that Hank Paulson is better than Timmy Geithner.

Go ahead and tell em. Because Both Sides Don’t. Something Something Louis Golmert.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

n1ck said...

Cheese Eater's massive contribution to humanity and society is yelling, very loudly, spittle a'flyin', at the people who see what he sees but aren't as naive to think Empires have an on/off switch that can be pressed and forgotten about.

Thanks Cheese Eater!

You should run your very own Purity Brigade!

the cheese eater said...

So you agree.

Both Sides Do.

I should just tone it down a little for polite company.

Who knows? Maybe Driftglass realizes that Both Sides Do. Maybe he knows the ridiculous persecution of the Dixie Chicks is bread and circuses for the pig people. Perhaps he knows both parties embrace a policy of global hegemony and both parties pursue a domestic neo-liberal trickle up economics that destroys the middle class. Perhaps he knows that both parties embrace the same policies because they are responsive to their respective constituencies. Perhaps, (like you and I) he knows that both sides have the same constituency, namely, the.1%

So, like you and me, Driftglass knows both sides are pursing and enacting the same policy agenda.The thing is, he just keeps on sayin they don't.

the cheese eater said...

Driftglass' massive contribution to humanity and society is yelling, very loudly, at people who look at the whole of American history and imploring them not to believe their lying eyes... He divides the managers of American Empire into 2 separate groups and insists that every bad thing that the Empire does to brown people in foreign lands and every bad thing it does to its own people is the sole responsibility of the group he does not identify with.

Driftglass runs the quintessential Purity Brigade! In his own words, Both Sides Don't.

Plus, Joe Scarborough is more powerful than Greenspan, Rubin and Paulson combined! And something Ted Nugent, Meatloaf and that one guy from M.A,S,H you see on tee-vee sometimes