Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today In "Both Sides Do It", Ctd.

Alert reader "Alex" points out that, no matter how large or small the venue, when you you try to pin a Conservative down on any specific Conservative lie, they will inevitably slither down the "Both Sides Do It" sewer.

Until good people like Thom Hartmann finally come to terms with the futility of "engaging" useless lumps of defiant wingnut assholery like Peter Roff --
Roff was a regular commentator on Fox News. [1]. As a columnist for US News and World Report he compared the Obama Administration's use of Jonathan Gruber to promote its health care agenda to the Bush Administration's Armstrong Williams scandal.
Peter Roff...joined the now-defunct Free Enterprise Fund (FEF) during summer 2005 (The Free Enterprise Fund is a Section 501(c)(4) organization based in Washington, DC. The Free Enterprise Fund was founded in January 2005 by Stephen Moore and "some prominent" Club for Growth members.)
Roff is also the former Political Director of GOPAC, the political committee once headed by House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In that venue, Mr. Roff was a frequent commentator on politics and culture for MSNBC and the Fox News Channel." [1] Roff said in an August 2000 interview, that "he was responsible for training thousands of political candidates across the country."
-- our Liberal media will continue to impotently chase its tail.


Robt said...

You know something,
I am beginning to think that maybe both sides do it?

Rush calls females whores on his radio show while I call Rush a demeaning self loathing say anything shock political jock.

Ann Coulter says her GOP blacks are better than the left's blacks.
And I ask "what is up with that Adam's apple" Ann is sporting?

The right claims they stand for states rights!
So I wonder out loud, If so then why didn't the right stand loud and proud against the U.S. Supreme Court over ruling the Florida State supreme Court ruling that ordered the state to count all the votes in 2000>

Republicans try to verbally demean the Affordable Care Act by calling it "ObamaCare and the President says "I'm Obama and I do care!

See----both sides do IT !

Neo Tuxedo said...

The Big Picture Rumble, the Lone Liberal Rumble, the Politics Panel... whatever Thom calls it on any given day, its sole purpose for existence is to embody Robert Frost's famous definition of a liberal as "a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel." And we already have President Obama for that.

Dave said...

To be fair, Thorn Hartmann's show doesn't need the likes of Peter Roff to be useless. That show doesn't need a panel of a typical tv progressive, a typical tv centrist, and a typical tv conservative. Instead of giving a bigger context to the info he given the people.. he just throws questions to panel and let them have their bite or make their own noise.

I don't know much about Thorn Hartmann and I do believe destroying corporate personhood is the _only_ issue in american politics (If republicans didn't have their backers and dems didn't have to censor themselves for sponsors, both parties would change towards public opinions), but in this show he is surprise and curious to why republicans are focusing on bengazah (sp).

Black dude wants to change the topic and spew his reality on to the audience and take the centrist position. Black girl is overall reasonable and polite and never going to address the obvious hypocrisy of the right wing or fight against the myth of policy with reality. and Mr. Roff is the only one willing to address the full question with the other two happy enough to sweep it under the rug and stay on the issue of moms and be as political neutral as possible.

Assuming the audience know nothing about the hypocrisy, they will leave out as knowledgeable as they came in with or without Mr Roff.

I believe the Liberal Media does chase it tail... but both sides work by actively imposing it like Roff has done and and by omission like how the two black people have done.

If Hartmann wanted the focus to be on the hypocrisy, he could have left the ideas of mothers out and made it on just bengasha, or if he wanted to talk mothers, kept it to that. He added them both together, giving an Out for the two and an In for Peter.

The show was set up to give us as little context with as much facts as possible. It's like an uncoordinated Dora the explorer episode for the political ignorant.

I don't think i'm a liberal purest, but I'm not going to pretend it's hard to point out an obvious example of political hypocrisy and you have to be 'surprise' and 'curious' when you see it. "My son snuck out of the house and took my car keys after I grounded him for joy riding. I'm surprise and curious to why he would do that"