Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten Second Video Signals the End of the Republic

No. Really.

See, when I watch this ten seconds of video (repeated 3.5 times) showing a woman snagging a flying bat at U.S. Cellular Field while almost everyone else ducks and covers, I think, "Hey, there's a woman catching a bat. Wild! You know, it's been a few years since I've been to a game at Wrigley. I wonder if my pal Julie still has season tickets? Maybe she'd old-friend discount them for me someday and I can run the kids up to Chicago and let them see the Cubs lose at home?"

Wanna know the horrible direction in which this country may be headed? This video is an example...
Because with wind-up toy clowns like West, hating the hell out of this country is a full-time job, and any oddball glitch in the Matrix is excuse enough to pick a fight and punch a hippie.

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Major Mel Funkshun said...

And then he calls her a "Hoo-aahhh"!

Anonymous said...

Ok, calm down Driftglass. West's tone is a tad shrill, his writing is poor but his point isn't all that far off.

If you're a grown ass man who ducks a baseball bat hurtling towards a mother with her child, and then tries to take the bat from them after the fact... well hand over your balls and you deserve to get the dog shit whipped out of you in the parking lot.

There's nothing wrong with calling out this behavior as cowardly and suspect. It's certainly not the end of the world though.

n1ck said...

If you think Allen West has a point with this video, you're a fucking sociopath.

It's the same argument lodged against men who didn't go and try to take down a maniac with an assault rifle and body armor, who instead feared for their own lives and the lives of those they were with.

It's a baseball bat. There is no moral reasoning to be done when a fucking broken baseball bat is flying directly at your face. And if you claim there is, it is a dead giveaway that you have something wrong within yourself. Period.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

This kind of posturing brings to mind the 2004 Republican Convention where, after decades of sneering that the GOP loved the troops and in the face of the treacherous Democratic trick of nominating a bona fide decorated war hero with three Purple Hearts, Rove and his evil minions went full calumny. Men who had never heard a gun fired in anger were full of laughter as they insinuated that Kerry had not really earned his third Purple Heart, that he had not been wounded seriously enough and pulled strings to get out of combat because he was a proven coward.

That is the corruption that destroys a society, that rots it from within.

I will never forget the iconic wire photograph of a jowly Republican hausfrau sporting a Purple Heart Band Aid, distributed by some vile crooked political operative.

As an aside and totally by coincidence, the hysterical ninnies of the Daily Kos are going full slander this evening against Secretary of State Kerry because he dared to question their hero little Eddie Snowden on the day of his triumphant tee vee appearance. No Republican slander is too vile to be regurgitated by the purity trolls if it can be repurposed to pull down yesterday's hero who is today's goat.

Fred said...

All men should jump in front of all deadly flying missiles on the off chance that there may be a vulnerable mother with child somewhere behind him. It's the manly thing to do.
And don't forget to keep your head held high and your manly jaw stuck out in case you get videoed for Youtube. Think John Wayne and you'll be OK.

CM said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I liked this post about hippie punching, thought you would too:

Redhand said...

Basically, I think "Steadfast and Proud" Allan West is nuts. "You can't argue with a sick mind," as Joe Walsh (the musician, not the politician) says.

Anonymous said...

You're leaving out the part where he tried to take the bat from her afterwards.

Moving out of the way of an errant bat that's headed towards a mother and child and then trying to take said bat isn't the same as taking on someone armed with a gun.

False equivalence.

ad astra said...

Mock him all you want if that's what it takes for you to applaud her impressive one handed grab. But you don't need to make her companion into a bully as well as a prudent chicken. He did NOT "try to take it from her"—looks to me like he merely pulled the barrel safely downward when she was waving it around. Also, according to reports, Ms Despa "got to keep the bat, which was later signed by Flowers."

karen marie said...

I watched it twice. I saw no one trying to take it from her. I saw people sticking their hands up as if to ward off getting hit as it wasn't clear it wasn't still a hazard.

Fucking idiots.