Friday, May 30, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #234

"They can't do what we do. And they hate us for it.”

-- Don Draper

Da' money goes here:


jim said...

Erratum: In fact many Teabaggers knew exactly what their original name meant online as they were avid players of HALO-2 & chose it for that meaning; one of the first catchy slogans that they marketed "Tea Party Patriots Inc." with was "TEABAG THE WHITE HOUSE BEFORE THE WHITE HOUSE TEABAGS YOU!"

Anonymous said...

In the Soprano's episode, Tony is in the hospital after being shot by crazy uncle June, and is informed by the insurance "patient relations" investigator that the EMT who picked him up performed the "wallet biopsy". He is so angry, he calls the investigator a name and tells her go GTFO.
Tony then has the EMT hauled up to his room and accuses him of stealing $3k from his wallet. He demands the EMT return the cash by the time of his release from the hospital.
Tony finds it unseemly that the EMT, who probably saved his life checked his wallet for insurance, but has no problem shaking the lowly ambulance attendant down for cash he knows he didn't steal.
Sometimes..especially in the Sopranos..Weiner is a comic genius...