Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hippie Punching Pays The Bills - UPDATE

This morning as I flipped past Squint and the Meat Puppet to make sure the world hadn't blowed up (Magic Eight Ball Says, "Try Again Later") it suddenly registered with me that this was the I-don't-know-how-manyeth consecutive day during which Joe Scarborough was using his three hour block of time on my Liberal teevee to shamelessly pimp for the Keystone Death Funnel.

In fact, as I recall from skimming past this oil industry knocking shoppe at roughly the same time yesterday...or the day before...according to the bilaterally symmetrical remains of what used to be refereed to as "Presidential hopeful" John Thune, if Democrats would just STFU and give a global mega-corporation the OK to sluice the world's filthiest sludge down the middle of our country so that it can be turned into barrels of profit and sold to China, Republicans maybe-could-be-sorta willing to consider at least discussing the possibility of raising the minimum wage from "insulting" to merely "penurious".

The Great Keystone Whoring from this inept stooge at whom Phil Griffin heaves millions of dollars every year to mouth Fox News talking points has been embarrassing to witness even in passing, and the lowest was probably this characterization of any energy plan that does not involve fracking the living shit out of every thing, everywhere, right now, as well as immediately approving the (h/t Charles Pierce) the "...proposed continent-spanning death funnel that would bring the world's dirtiest fossil fuel from the environmental hellscape of northern Alberta down through the richest farmlands on the planet all the way to refineries in Texas, and thence to the world."
“Eating granola bars at the base of a windmill.” That is how MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough described the alternative energy component of President Obama’s “all of the above” strategy in an on-air conversation with Fracking King Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania. The comment came during a discussion between the two about the urgency of pulling out all the stops on hydrofracking and the Keystone Pipeline.
This was, as usual, followed by cackles and nods from the Skid Row of washed-up media hacks which Squint uses to fill up the empty chairs around his table.

If you want to get a bead on just how universally acceptable and risk-free it is to bash Liberals on teevee, imagine the house that would have been dropped on Squint had he said:
“Flying some rainbow, LGBT flag from the top of a windmill.” 
UPDATE:  Welcome Esquire readers!


Bluesborn said...

“Eating granola bars at the base of a windmill" ah ha ha ha!! *splash* (another piece of Antarctica breaks off and falls into the ocean)

the cheese eater said...

When the Keystone Pipeline is finally completed neither Joe Scarborough (R) nor Ed Rendell (D)* will have authored or signed any of the legislation that made the pipeline possible.

* Rendell is former RNC Chair. He raised taxes on electric bills, cigarettes and beer s governor. He also legalized gambling, reduced property taxes, supported S. S. privitazation when Bush the lesser was presnit, is a was a supporter of the death penalty.

But both sides don't because Something Alec Baldwin got the shaft.

t said...

Sorry kids,

Ed "Both Sides Don't" Rendell is a true blue Democrat and was General Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Uncle Ed is not now nor has ever been affiliated with the RNC.

My apologies for the typo because both sides don't.

JerryB said...

Joe's such a mental midget he can't even do 3 hours. Half of his show is the first half re-run.

Anonymous said...

If Pierce dislikes Joe perhaps I should give Joe another chance.

Pierce worships at the alter of Greenwald and then refuses to admit when Greenwald says crazy things, like he has been about the girls in Nigeria. Pierce is an amazing example of "both sides do" and proves it to be true on a weekly basis.

I'll watch Squint tomorrow and give him another chance. If the drunken Irishman is against him than he must be a decent human and actually have valid points.

Robt said...

I am not so sure MSNBC Joe actually ever, first hand seen or knew a hippie, in the first place.

Can you tell me why the FOy channel didn't pick up JOe?
I recall one of Joe's episodes where he was crying out loud about how the GOP " is a racket" how they funnel money to one another. As the Beck's Rushbos, Tea Potters RNC, donors and campaigns.
In the GOP media in general.

Joe did not mention that both sides are a "RACKET" when he pointed this out.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

If Pierce dislikes Joe perhaps I should give Joe another chance.

This is such a stupid basis for a decision that I have little wonder that you labor under "anonymous".