Thursday, May 15, 2014

God Grant Me

The serenity to cheerfully ignore wingnuts and purity trolls I cannot change.

The courage to engage people with whom I may disagree with but who haven't joined a fucking cult.

And the wisdom to know the difference.

-- The Liberal Serenity Prayer


OBS said...

A. Fucking. Men.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Zing! Thwat! Bull's Eye!

Anonymous said...


the cheese eater said...

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, Tim Geithner is being criticized for blocking foreclosure relief for millions of Americans as the head of Treasury.

As we all know, Geithner was appointed to siphon trillions of our tax dollars into the hands of his former boss' friends. He was incredibly successful at his mission. We also know that Geithner was appointed to his position by Obama who was a ceaseless defender of Geithner and kept Geithner in a position pf power until he was able to fullfill his mission.

By acknowledging, repeating and providing links to the historical record and the facts of Geithner's appointment and mission, I hereby declare myself a wingnut and purity troll.

I mean both sides don't. Especially not Geithner. He did a pretty good job. Besides what could Obama have done to stop him? Over all everything worked out for the best. We never would've needed Geithner in the first place if it wasn't for Reagan. Because both sides don't and Clinton did nothing to set in motion the greatest financial collapse in our lifetimes.

God I hate Republicans. If only a real Democrats like Barney Frank and Joe Biden had had some real power during the time in question our financial services industry would have been kept in check and talented middle class folks would still have rgeir jobs and houses.

driftglass said...

FYI this is the last time the cheese eater get free space on this blog until he or she gets a site of his/her own. Once he or she has set up a blog and spent a couple of weeks writing all the "Both Sides" posts he/she pleases, he or she is free to came back here and post comments again, including links.

If he/she keeps the daily writing up for four weeks and I'll add him/her to my blog roll.

ChiefD said...

Hey, that's good cheese-eater news! I think he's hijacked enough comment threads that your action is well-warranted. And a blog of his/her own? Who would read it? His comments border on being understandable with a point, but never quite get there.
Thanks for running a nice place, Drifty. I for one appreciate it.

RoninMichigan said...


I'm sure you wouldn't mind if i print this and frame it DG. In fact, i'll submit another donation for this alone. Thank You!

Robt said...

A man named Voltaire once opined,
"A true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it".

Voltaire's time may have had been riddled with the religious right, But he did not he could not have foreseen the Tea Potters.

Voltaire was a greater man of tolerance than I. Just to coin that thought.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the post, and your extremely worthy house cleaning efforts.
When I get paid next week, so will you.

Lumpy Lang said...

"Wingnuts and Purity Trolls" - perfect! Better copyright that line before David Brooks uses it.

Droneglass drifts ever further to the right. 'Tis but the inexorable logic of his position.

Anonymous said...

The Religious Right is as stupid of a term as Conservative Republican. There are only the religious and only republicans and they are all horrible.

Granted in both cases there are a minority who aren't completely horrible humans. However they are a minority, and they exist only to put a reasonable face on a group of horrible people.

Both groups can get a pass when they renounce their organizations and help us crush them. Till then they should all be treated exactly the same as the worst of their institutions.

Mister Roboto said...

Hold the phone a second. So when people who call things in this insane world the way they see them regardless of upon whose party line this tramples, it's a sign of being in a cult. But exhorting people who don't want to drink your Kool-Aid anymore to shoot themselves in their basements isn't?

Thanks. I'm getting over a cold (in the middle of May, for fuck's sake), and I needed a good laugh today.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

@the cheese eater

As you have been so persistently obnoxious as to get yourself shitcanned, I will leave you with a couple of parting hints:

1) Declaring yourself both wingnut and purity troll is the logical equivalent of declaring yourself both Lucipher and God. Rosicrucians and Templar wannabees make that logical error as a matter of doctrine, but this only confirms their reputations as cuckooberries.

2) Wait one fucking minute: "If only a real Democrats like Barney Frank and Joe Biden?" Joe Biden? Joe "Senator from MNBC" Biden, the guy who single handedly led the attack on individual bankruptcy - on the orders of his masters in the credit card industry? That Joe Biden?

While in some respects I have been laughing with you, because I suspect that we want 95% of the same things, in the bigger picture I am forced to hate you ineffectual psuedoradical jerkoffs because you are so fucking weird. One minute some guy is the hero, the next minute he's the goat, fifteen years later he's the hero again. You guys have no sand, no stability, no interest in contributing to the generations long struggle of beating back the conservative menace. This fight did not start with Roosevelt and it's not going to end with us, but you want us to squander our energies and our attentions beating up on today's object of your malicious grudges instead on confronting the real dangers that beset us.

Well fuck that. You run along and play with your Naderite buddies while the serious people do the serious work of keeping us all safe. Have your fill of unicorn poop; I hear it tastes like chocolate chip ice cream.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Mister Roboto is Fair, and Balanced, and as convincing as usual.

Marc McKenzie said...

@Horace Boothroyd III: Wow--that was a well-deserved and proper reaming of the Cheese Eater....and your last sentence is one hell of a "drop the mike" moment.

Well done, sir. Well done.

n1ck said...

Thanks, DG.

If this were my house, I'd have been editing the comments of the Purity Brigade™ members from day 1.

Useless, irrelevant imbeciles, all of them.

If you're a true radical, you know damn well that your specific politics are totally outside of what is acceptable to 95%+ of the population. Instead of yelling loudly and lecturing/name calling the people to your immediate right who might actually agree with you, you would instead "use" them to get to that better, more left political location.

You know, if you actually want to be effective.

So when you see the ultra mega super pures coming here and lecturing you, you can easily discount them as either:

1. False-flag concern trolls trying to dissuade (D) voting from the right, while pretending to be from the left, or

2. Irrelevant, naive leftists who most likely just stumbled upon Noam Chomsky or Gore Vidal.

Both of the above groups can be safely ignored for the rest of time.

OBS said...

I came back here expecting the cheesy one, but I didn't expect its epic fail and the perfect responses from driftglass, H.B. III, and n1ck.

[slow clap]

Monster from the Id said...

I was born in 1963, so my political consciousness missed the '60s.

Thanx, D-Party Amen Corner! Y'all remind me of those Responsible Adult Voices of the (allegedly) Liberal Establishment berating the Dirty Fornicating Hippies for thinking that trying to stop the slaughter of foreign peasants was more important than burnishing the image of the D-Party as Tough On Communism. One only needs to substitute "Radical Islam" for "Communism" to update the cliches.

Yayy! I feel like I didn't miss the '60s after all!

Now where'd I put that copy of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida? ^_^

"Please prove that you're not a robot"

I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave. ;)

Pinkamena said...

You finally put the little spammer in his place? Good on you, mate - I take back about 1/2 of the rotten things I've said about you.

Batocchio said...

This also works when addressed to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother D.
You're on the Rock with this one.

I know a few NDP'rs here
in Canada who should read it.

Sweet deal to be on your blogroll!