Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Reminder That Both Of These Pinheads

Still have their jobs and still enjoy enormously more influence over our public discourse than you will have if you live to be 1,000.

This is also your helpful reminder that, left unchecked, intractable asshole stupidity in the media and politics will just breed more intractable asshole stupidity:
Iowa GOP Senate Candidate Still Believes There Were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
War veteran Joni Ernst claims to have vague, secret knowledge that contradicts every public report.

Iowa state senator and US Senate candidate Joni Ernst captured national attention when her campaign's first TV ad featured the candidate talking about castrating hogs (a subsequent ad featured Ernst at a gun range, implying that she'd shoot Obamacare to bits). But if the Sarah Palin-approved Republican wants to enter national politics, she may need to brush up on some of her facts. Ernst still thinks Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction when the US invaded Iraq, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary...
Reality just bounces off of them.
After which people given them enormous piles of cash and ask them to run the country.


milegrinder said...

Insights like here, she's bound to end up at the top of the heap, not unlike another Iowa hayshaker delusionist--the seldom Honorable M. Bachman.

Anonymous said...

She's also a lt colonel in the NG so you would hope she knew better.