Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello, Dollar! *

"Atlas Shrugged: A Thousand Pages of Bad Science Fiction About Sock-Puppets Stabbing Strawmen with Tax Cuts."

-- driftglass
Oh lord:
Ayn Rand-Inspired Sci-Fi Musical The Anthem Sets World Premiere

Jason Gotay, Remy Zaken, and Randy Jones will lead the cast of the political piece.
By Hayley Levitt • Apr 8, 2014 • New York City

The Anthem, a sci-fi musical inspired by Ayn Rand's novella Anthem, will make its off-Broadway world premiere at Culture Project's Lynn Redgrave Theatre this May. Performances will begin May 20 in advance of an official May 29 opening...
On the one hand, Anthem is very bad, short science fiction (as opposed Atlas Shrugged, which is very bad, looong science-fiction).  So if very bad science fiction is like unto, say, shooting yourself in the foot, then turning very bad science fiction into a musical on purpose is like taking another, bigger bullet and sloooowly pounding it through your through your other foot with a ball peen hammer.

On the other hand, I want to write the lyrics for at least one of the tunes so much it hurts.

*Judges would have also accepted The Lyin' King and The Wealth Producers. What other musical parody names can you think of?  The ones that crack me up will be posted with attribution on the front page of this blog.


gratuitous said...

The Muzak Man

Rocky Whore Picture Show

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Producing Much of Anything

OBS said...

The Book Of Moron


Shlock Of Ages

OBS said...

I forgot one:

My Unfair Lady

Yastreblyansky said...

Little Shop of Whores? (That's kind of copying gratuitous up there but I think mine will resemble the Anthem show if it's any good.)

On a Clear Day You Can Talk for 90 Pages

Rent (the Seekwell)

Thunderbird said...

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Going Galt

Mike Herron said...

How to Destroy a Country: L. Ron Hubbard was an Amature

Don P said...

The Producers (and The Parasites)

Ain't Misbehavin' (as long as it's selfish!)

(You'll all be) Les Miserables

The Best Little Whorehouse in Galt's Gulch

Evita! (was a Collectivist!)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

It doesn't fit, but "The Phantom Menace of the Opera".

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Devilham said...

Springtime for Greenspan

Sirius Lunacy said...

Aynything Goes

Ayn Err the musical

Oh! Taxcutta!

The Gulches of Madison County

A Galtians Guide to Love and Murder

Anonymous said...

I can only hope this is as much of a disaster as the Atlas Shrugged movie. I still remember CATO spamming everyone in the area to come over and watch the movie and trying to induce people with food.

Kathleen said...

A Little White Music.
The Sound of Moochers.
Money Girl, featuring the show stopping power love ballad "Sheeple".

That's all I got for now.

jabberwocky said...

Tea for One.

tim said...

The Book of Mamon

Kathleen said...

Les Mis - The Comedy!
Footshoots - the story of how moochers in a small town discovered the joy of dancing while their betters shot at their feet. Features the show stopping power love ballad "All Those Parasites".

dinthebeast said...

Ayn of the Dead?

Yesterday the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic had a philosophy professor, newly arrived in hell, talking to the devil, who says: Here's your copy of Atlas Shrugged II, it's really good! For every page you read, it gets two pages longer...

-Doug in Oakland

fish said...

Ka'ching Awakenings
Oh, Taxcutta

fish said...

Whoops, SL beat me to it...

Max Bialystock III said...

Merry Paupers
Man of La Mucha
Ayn Misbehavin'
How to Succeed in Business Without Human Emotion
Butterflies Aren't Free
Guys and Dollars

Anonymous said...

Many's the Moocher.

Joseph Nobles said...

Sweet Venality

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Ayn Folk, Ayn Reich, Ayn Musikal

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Leggo my Ego

A Canticle for Greedowitz.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

D'Oh, shoulda thought of this earlier.

Given the success of the "Atlas Shrugged" movies, how about...

...wait for it...

Prometheus Tanked

marindenver said...

"A Little White Music"

Love. It.

Unknown said...

PAL52 here:

Irma La Douche

Phony Girl


RockDots said...

'Jack Welch exists to answer the question: "What would Louie Gohmert be like with $750M dollar walking around money?" '


George Smith said...

I have the perfect song and lyrics. Wait for it, 2nd part, "I was reading Atlas Shrugged, how the rich all get mugged..."
OTOH, there's always 'Anthem' by Rush but they'd probably have to swipe it judging by budget.

Kathleen said...

@marindenver: Thank you!

Bob Munck said...

La Cage aux Fox.

Joseph Nobles said...

Sweet Venality

Kathleen said...

@Joseph Nobles: Thanks for the inspiration. How about"Bleep" Charity!

blogenfreude said...

Bob and Carol and Ted and ALEC.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

"Gold Diggers of 2014" ("Gold Diggers of 1933" is where the song "We're in the Money" came from)

"It's Not Easy Having Green" (Muppets)

Enjoy your day.

---Kevin Holsinger

Mex Headroom said...

How to Succeed in Bullshit Without Really Trying

Tengrain said...


(the sun will go ot tomorrow...)



Leslie Fish said...

Actually, the movies have been better than the book. How many books can you say that about?

--Leslie <;)))><

OBS said...


(the sun will go ot tomorrow...)



Ahem! I beat you to that by days TG.