Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who's Your Daddy?

Eddie, Pop-Pop has to go deal with some bad people in a place called "Ukraine", but after I get back I want you to tell me more funny stories about American spying and the evil deeds of your murderous tyrant President.

From the Daily Beast:
With Last Media Critics Blocked, Putin Silences the Russia Press

Forget investigative reporting, even critical commentary is now out of bounds as the Kremlin clamps down on Web news sites. 
Until this week, a handful of websites seemed to be the last bastions of the free press in Russia. But on Thursday those bastions fell. The Kremlin blocked three independent news sites, including one run by former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, as well as a widely read investigative blog,, by Alexei Navalny.

Only two years ago, during protests in Moscow against the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency, the Russian online media played a key role mobilizing demonstrations. They were called the front line of democracy in an ever less democratic state. They were popular and they were the only media able to operate freely since television had come under government control and the newspaper industry fell into the hands of oligarchs loyal to the Kremlin.

How, then, did Putin manage what some are calling an “online coup d'├ętat?”

Much the same way Putin, the veteran of Russia’s intelligence services, does so much else: with careful calculation and preparation followed by brutal action.
Still, I wouldn't expect the action figure market to be affected either way:


Grung_e_Gene said...

Snowden sure seems more Kim Philby than Danilel Ellsberg right now...

Jack said...

LOL! Awesome photoshop.

Libertarians like Snowden and Greenwald really are a blight.

Redhand said...

What, no Glenn Greenwald action figure?! Major disappointment this.

Yastreblyansky said...

I love it when your graphics transcend the subject matter and develop an independent emotional power. This one would be really strange and compelling if the people in it didn't even exist.

Jeff Olson said...

The free press, in Russia, is a major threat to power. As the article stated - they mobilized demonstrations against Putin's return to power.

The free press in the U.S., however, the opinion makers and culture shapers, are far more concerned with Kim Kardashian's latest publicity photos, and whether or not a president's wife should suggest kids eat vegetables than speaking truth to power or holding anyone to account.

We need not worry that Meet the Press nor the NYT Editorial Page will be shuttered. They say nothing, they pose no threat, and nobody is listening.

Coldtype said...

Bang the drums slowly Drifty. The drums of war that is... Yes folks, there's a new Official Enemy™ for our 21st century version of the Two Minute Hate.

Heaven forbid the thought that Russia may object to the idea of proto-fascists and neo-nazis on her border swinging the door wide open for NATO bases through the very corridor that the West has used to invade for centuries. Russia has interests? Girrrl please!

n1ck said...

Yeah, sure DG.

Just because Russia actually acts in the way the Pures™ describe the US using exaggerated language doesn't change the fact that you personally cheer on every drone missile firing every time you cash one of your Obama For America checks, or use your personal Obamaphone to call one of your criminal buddies on Wall. St. to make another multi-million dollar trade.

Because Benghazi, DG. Also, because Freedumb.

Why do you hate America, Droneglass?

Monster from the Id said...

Is the percentage of Russian citizens imprisoned or executed in Russia once again exceeding the percentage of U. S. citizens imprisoned or executed in the USA?

If not, then how is the Russian government worse than Capital? (Note I did not say the U. S. Govt., which is a mere lackey of Capital.)

Redhand said...


Indoctrinated, much? Actually, I think the "Facists" at work here are marching the streets of Moscow. Ah, I talking about the red-suited gents at the end. See

n1ck said...

The number of people locked up, per capita in the United States proves that Russia is a much better place to leave.

Thus spoke the Pures™, our only hope for the future of America!

Do exactly as they say! Vote for a party that won't win a fucking office in the Federal Government, instead of voting for the Democrats!

From there, it's just a short trip to something something mass popular uprising, something something Social Democracy.

Also: Droneglass. And Benghazi.

This message was brought to you by super pure progressives who agree with the Tea Party that Republicans should run the Federal Government.

Goooooooo Pures™!

Monster from the Id said...

If I may don my Devil's Advocate hat:

The Dinocrats, and the faction of Capital which owns the Dinocrats, are indeed smarter at the actual business of running the Empire than the Reptilians, and the faction of Capital which owns the Reptilians. (The Reptilians are smarter at the business of winning most of the "elections" in the Empire.)

Hence, the oppressed peoples of other countries, in which the U. S. Warfare State serves as the gendarme of Capital, might in the long run be better off if the Reptilians took over again--because while the Dinocrats might actually be smart enough to make the Empire more effective at its filthy business of plundering the hapless citizens of weak nations for the benefit of Capital, the Reptilians can be counted upon to steer the Imperial dreadnought, unwittingly, straight for the rocks.

The ruin of the Empire would give the oppressed citizens of The Region Formerly Known As The Third World a chance to break away from the piratical rule of Capital.

This is not original. IIRC, the late Alexander Cockburn floated this idea.

Anonymous said...

You really are a monster, NSAglass. Ed Snowden has never praised Putin, and never intended to be in Russia for longer than a change of planes. Yet you make it your leitmotif to pretend he is some sort of Putin worshiping cold war defector. Sad.

Compound F said...

You have become the perfect assholeian harp of partisanship, and Your Eyes! look angry too. Oh my, now he's not just drilling us with ideas, but with his eyes, as well. ooh! It burns, it bu-u-u-rns!

You're going off the deep end, buddy.

I am sorry. For you. For me. But mostly for the immediate generations hoping to blossom that got stiffed.

And you continue to play a large role in stiffing them.

congrats, harp.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling out the comment from ID as a Poe. Seriously "it would be better for the citizens of other countries if Republicans waged more wars on them?" Gotta be a one could possible be so"yah, but after like 5 bad wars THEN things will change!"

Anonymous said...

Actually, Anonymous above compound f, Snowden has repeatedly praised Russia for their supposed commitments to civil liberties, in print, in public,and online everywhere. So maybe read a lil about how much of Putin's ass he has kissed before more of these people in this thread believe your drivel and accuse DG of snipping their blossoms at the bud or what the fuck ever that meant. Damn DG now you are wrecking whole generations just for saying hypocrites like Snowden, international man of luggage, have documents, will travel, should maybe rethink their host countries' motivations for providing asylum.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget that Obama's admin took away Snowden's passport while in Russia to change planes.

That fact should be at the root of any Putin/Snowden imagery.

A more accurate image would include Obama (or Goldman Sachs) above working puppet strings.

Unless the conventional story has been wildly falsified, Snowden is a somewhere between a hero and a Saint.

Perhaps your ego is too threatened by an actual hero/Saint that it must make up stories to tear him down.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda surprised. It took Compound W and his idiot cohorts longer to crawl out of the slime than I thought it would. Your reaction time is slipping, guys; get it together!

Joe Max said...

The big mistake The Pures™ make is assuming that, given the collapse of the Capitalist Empire™, The Pures will lead the re-organizing forces of a new social democratic society. But given the fact that even when presented with the chance to organize to make a difference - the Occupy movement - they squandered it with endless "consensus meetings" where they would spend endless hours debating what gender-and-sexual-orientation-neutral pronoun to use in their Manifestos, and whether they should call for freeing Mumia or freeing the Cuban Five first.

And somehow we're supposed to believe that these Pure people can organize a social democratic government for 300+ million people in the aftermath of a Great Depression-level economic collapse and the ensuing bloody street revolution they so desperately crave.

Kathleen said...

@Anonymous 11:18AM
Also, too, the schtick is becoming more incoherent, boring and predictable. The "anyone who criticizes St. Edwin of the Snowdens is jealous" meme has also been posted at Bob Cesca's blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon says, "Snowden has repeatedly praised Russia for their supposed commitments to civil liberties, in print, in public,and online everywhere."

Got even a single link? Didn't think so.

Driftglass: Blogging for Cold War 2.0.

n1ck said...

Remember everyone!

If you want social democracy, you must stop electing Democrats and instead must sit out elections so that Republicans can win.

Because PURITY. Also, because Benghzai.

Oh, and Droneglass.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous @ 4:08 PM:

If you want to know, venture out onto the Internets and look. We aren't your secretaries. Do your own fucking research.

Owl said...

Clearly for Driftglass it is easier to criticize and condemn the Rooskies than it is to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Meanwhile, here's a lesson of the Cold War we might understand if we could comprehend the Russian point of view for only a moment ~ The course Gorbachev set with Reagan has been a colossal failure for Russia, so the leadership of Putin now prevails. That failure can be traced to right wing nuts in this country who have been nostalgic for the Cold War since it ended. Unfortunately, I see in Driftglass liberal hawkishness. A neo-Scoop-Jackson Democrat?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Tom Ricks go after Greenwald via TPM:

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:54 telling people to look up dishonest claims for themselves, classic. Those making a claim do not get to tell others to research their lies.

Fact: Edward Snowden has never (much less "repeatedly") praised Putin or Russia for their commitments to civil liberties. Not "in print, in public, and online everywhere." Just doesn't exist. One doesn't need a secretary to confirm that a Google search yields zero such results.

And Owl is correct.

driftglass said...

"Yet even in the face of this historically disproportionate aggression, countries around the world have offered support and asylum. These nations, including Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador have my gratitude and respect for being the first to stand against human rights violations carried out by the powerful rather than the powerless. By refusing to compromise their principles in the face of intimidation, they have earned the respect of the world. It is my intention to travel to each of these countries to extend my personal thanks to their people and leaders."

-- Edward Snowden, July, 12 2013

Posted in the full knowledge that it will not make the slightest difference whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

You're making a pretty big assumption there: that acknowledging Russia's misdeeds is endorsement of a new jingoism (ie. cold war 2.0). Taking a good hard look in the mirror is good for the goose and gander alike, sir.

In case you're new here, let me bring you up to speed on Driftglass' commentary on the Snowden/Greenwald set's complicated relationship with Russia and China. DG likes to point out how selective their outrage is regarding human rights abuses. It isn't specifically about Russia; it is just Russia that provides the most current example.

--Nonny Mouse

Anonymous said...

Driftglass, thank you for supplying a quote in which Ed Snowden thanks Russia for offering support and asylum to himself. Which is all he did. Along with the other countries which offered him similar support and asylum, "Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador."

And of course it makes not the slightest difference whatsoever to you that Snowden had no intention of obtaining said asylum from Russia until the United States government stranded him in the airport there.

Compound F said...

Whoo-ha. Will DG turn out to be a real neo-conservative/neo-liberal in Modern Liberal Drag?

I suspect so. That's effing kinky, bitch.

Compound F said...

Also, Anon, get over the "Compound W" smear. It reflects an associative mind putrefied by ancient advertising, one that no longer functions witfully in current times.

Really DeeG? These are your people?

Lumpy Lang said...

"It isn't specifically about Russia; it is just Russia that provides the most current example."

It's just Russia that happens to be the current target of State Department hysteria campaign. No coincidence for Droneglass.

Putin's politics are repugnant; this fact should not conceal that Washington, not Moscow, has been making all the aggressive moves in relation to Eastern Europe for the past 25 years. Moscow has been largely passive, seeking (unsuccessfully) to preserve he status quo. Ukraine represents a tipping point that Russia can't concede.

Snowden's politeness toward Russia (considering his precarious situation) is a minor sin compared to Droneglass - who is under no duress of any kind - and his lackey service to U.S. imperialism.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lump, 25 years ago the USSR was still in existence and was adeptly pulling the strings of their puppet gov'ts in Eastern Europe. Solidarity was a thing in the 80s to support the Polish. Somehow I dont recall the Kremlin supporting the strikers? Hmmm...but those three statements are all you need to know about Lumpy and his ilk...Russia loves the Slavs...Everything Russia says about why they are in Ukraine should be taken at face value...and DG is worse for the world than Snowden.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets also not forget that in the poisoning of former Ukrainian president Yushchenko, in the middle of a heavily contested election... US was heavily implicated in the crime and actually provided citizenship to one of the prime suspects, Volodymr Satsyuk, which prevented his extradition...Ohhhh wait...that was Russia! Totally non aggressive...

driftglass said...

Some stuff you can find after two minutes on Google, posted with the full knowledge that it will not in any way affect the "all humanity sucks anyway" pod people or the outright lunatics --

Revealed: Russia's worst war crime in Chechnya

Vladimir Putin is the new hero of Russian democracy, courted by Western leaders. He is also responsible for one of the most savage atrocities since the Second World War. John Sweeney is the first journalist to reach the devastated village of Katyr Yurt, where 363 people were slaughtered by Russian forces...

+ + + +

Georgia 'overrun' by Russian troops as full-scale ground invasion begins...

+ + + +

Wikipedia's helpful list of journalists who have been slaughtered in the Russian Federation over the last 20 years:

Anonymous said...


The corollary is that just because Washington DC is largely populated by insane meddlers does not make Putin and his ilk exemplars of human dignity. More binary thinking from you.

DG isn't being ambiguous. He clearly thinks that your set doesn't much care about the savagery and ill intentions of any nation other than the US; only that which you imagine affects you personally. I wouldn't have a problem with this if you were just honest about it, but I realize that honesty would cheat you of your justification for all that sanctimony so thus we get one more serving of this "America is the ultimate evil" bilge you're so fond of.

--Nonny Mouse

Lumpy Lang said...

Wow... just listen to all these liberals demonstrating their own senile dementia.

"U.S. imperialism's crimes MUST be justified, cause... um... those rooskies are sooo baaad... and besides, it's HARD to walk and chew gum at the same time."

Is it any wonder Obama's State Dept is crawling with neocons?

n1ck said...

Step 1: Be member of Purity Caucus.

Step 2: Vote for people who have no chance of winning or changing terrible policies you disagree with.

Step 3: Throw a fit and lecture at libruls who do vote for candidates who can win and can change terrible policies...for not being as pure as you are.

Cheer when Republicans win, because BOTH SIDES!!!

Step 4: ??????

Step 5: Utopian Social Democracy!

Shorter me: when the Pures™ are defending Russia and Putin, you know they're scumbags.

Keep it up, losers!