Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

(Not safe for work and possible spoilers)

"We left something undone", edition.

America's own Yellow King still walks the Earth.

Our nation's most famous living monster, torturer and war profiteer whose political and family connections allow him to operate in plain sight deigned to permit Charlie Rose to "interview" him on the teevee machine this week.

And as is the custom of our Beltway Media, he was fed yummy marshmallows on a silver platter by a toady before heading back, unmolested, to his Carcosa.

That Dick Cheney blames the president for staying out of what 56 percent of the American people said they wanted no part of is no surprise because Dick Cheney is essentially a toddler playing Army Men with other people's children. But, of course, the truly remarkable thing is that Charlie Rose sat there like a dog waiting for a treat -- Roll over, Charlie. Good boy. -- and did not do so much as comment on the pure bloodstained irony of Dick Fking Cheney talking tough about how countries shouldn't invade other countries, and the danger to American credibility if we are insufficiently bellicose in response.
Except that this kind of craven media feting of brazenly evil men is no longer remarkable at all.

Cleaning out the grievous wounds and breaking the infectious fevers created by our country's menagerie of smirking, millionaire monsters and their blustering media enablers is our most important piece of undone business.

This country can never heal properly until that is done.  


Anonymous said...

Given that Darth Dick had his first heart attack at 35?, and the long slow road of bypasses, artificial hearts, temporary assist devices, virgin sacrifices and the like: How many small strokes do you think this monstrosity has undergone over the years? How much functional neurological material is left in his head?
He is and has been the walking dead, and yet is still invited to converse as an expert over and over again.
Dick's continued existence and access to green rooms is most assuredly proof of the nonexistence of god.

Anonymous said...

"Heal Properly"? Really? Rotflmao! Our country' leading official governing body recently voted for the 50th time, to repeal healthcare. The current leadership has no interest in "healing properly". As you so poignantly point out to us time after time DG, the inmates truly are running the asylum.

gratuitous said...

Well, I for one am glad - damn glad, in fact - that we live in a country where we don't criminalize even the most criminal of political activities. I feel so much better looking forward to the future instead of backwards to the past.

Although, I suppose if the perfect vessel came forward to expose corruption and other wrongdoing at the highest levels and deepest secret areas of our beloved government, I'd be willing to take a casual glance in that direction. But as long as that's the province of self-promoters, hucksters and other knaves of dubious provenance, I'll be satisfied with the system as it is.

Anonymous said...

This is why I follow you drift glass!
Thank you.