Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Scuse me Egon?

You said crossing the streams was bad!

The only way MSNBC maintains a state of dynamic schizophrenic equilibrium between its Liberal-ish evening lineup and it's three-hour Republican/Beltway Morning Frottage Extravaganza with Squint and the Meat Puppet by having lots of rules.

And Rule One is very clearly that Thou Shall Stick To Thy Own Knitting; everybody gets to sit under their own vine and fig tree, and none of their colleagues shall make them afraid.

I mean, given her line of country, in any sane world, Doctor Maddow would spend at least 20 minutes a night, every night, laying waste to the likes of Joe Scarborough -- 
-- pounding Chuck Todd into the ground like a tent peg and using David Gregory's guts for garters.  But she does not.

Nor does Lawrence O'Donnell.

Nor does Chris Hayes.

Because those are the rules: each of the network's dissociative identities remains functional by pretending The Other does not exist.

But Ms. Wallace has crossed the streams.

I wonder what happens now?


JerryB said...

Since she was on Phil Griffins wet dream of a morning orgasm I would assume nothing will happen. I personally would love to see the prime timers take out the pruning sheers and trim Joe and the bimbo down a bit. Rachel and Chris probably don't care what a hack like Nichole says and have too much class in the first place.

Mika's dad must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chucky missed the memo on "obligatory "manly-man" praise" issued by Squintco that morning.
It wasn't titled " Daily Ragging on Obummer" so he skipped over it...
The secretary killer still gets his $100,000 per morning regardless.

DonP said...

Gotta disagree with you here, DG, Team Morning Squint always has free reign to hippy kick. (Except on those Very Special Morning Joes ™ where one of them is around the table.) There's no separate but equal here. Consider the muzzles the price of doing business.

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