Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At This Moment

I am  listening to brother Charlie Pierce.

On the Stephanie Miller radio show.

Stephanie is reading his funny post about the absurdity of the Sunday Morning talk shows and the idiocy of David Gregory.

They are sharing a laugh.


Anonymous said...


John Polansky said...

Drift, Pierce, Miller. The Holy 3 that shape my liberal opinions.

casimir said...

Stephanie Miller is unlistenable. Never any leftist analytical critique, no capacity to respond trenchantly to call-in Righties, just content-free huffiness, liberal social issues mush, cross-talk among the feckless triad, sophomoric humor and self-promotion to use up the small spaces between advertisers' segments. So there's that club, too, that you're not in.

John Polansky said...

Sorry that your too high minded for her humor. Miller is a host. It's the guests she has on that provide the opinions.

casimir said...

John Polansky - Didn't intend to insult you, & to each his/her own. However, it irritates me when the left is allowed only the most miniscule opportunity to be heard thru the organs of the mainstream discourse, and a measurable part of that platform is given over to folks like Ms Miller who have basically decent social policy impulses but (from my listening experience) are wholly unequipped to present reasoned arguments & critiques to listeners in order to knock down & supersede the straw arguments and caricatures by which the left, in its absence, is described. Beyond that, the guests may be there to supply the substance, but one of her irritating habits is to interrupt her guests before they have made their point in order to substitute her own, typically banal, conclusion to what the guest started to say. Anyway, I'm operating in the grey area between objective criticism and pet peeve, so I'll leave it there.

Anonymous said...

I think a majority of people who dislike the Sunday shows don't realize that they aren't intended for them.

Sort of how if you are a child the nightly news sucks, but it's not intended for you.

The news is for people of a certain income on the coasts. If you do not make that sort of money, you are not of that culture, and you do not live in a coastal city then they are not for you. Your local shitbag news is for you. There is no national product for you. If you want a national product than move the fuck out of flyover into a real city and then you might have a point.

Because till you do, you're just a child bitching about a product for the people who count. All the while completely missing that you aren't a person and you don't count.

OBS said...

So, anonymous 2:27pm person, why did you drop the Geese Howard nom-de-nym and become anon? Were these weird anti-flyover-American screeds just a bit too much to even sign a pseudonym to?

Also, what exactly is your point with pretending to be some sort of weird rich coastal elite that is, on the one hand a supposed liberal, but on the other hand is enamored of rich coastal elites as long as they're glibertarians?

You really don't make a helluvalot of sense, and I'm a "coastal elite" in your ridiculous framing.

n1ck said...

The Pures™ are here to bitch, moan, and troll.

They literally have nothing better to say.

marindenver said...

@OBS - I'm starting to think it's a form of written performance art. Otherwise it's too fucking stupid to be real.

Cliff said...

I dunno, it's not like Geese Howard has demonstrated any self awareness.

I have a hard time imagining what could shame them into dropping the nym.

Lawrence said...

Agreed, OBS. Anon/Geese/Overclock Speedy seems to enjoy being a grating irritant on this site for reasons I can't understand. I have recommended, at another site, that he go join the Log Cabin Republicans, as writing bitchy screeds about one's closet full of $7000 Italian silk suits is not considered heteronormative in the non NYC/DC/SF wastelands where I live. Though I did enjoy the story about Rumsfeld being a sawed off midget. Geese is apparently an IT worker of some sort who got his skills and security clearance in the Navy and now works in DC. Essentially a shoe shine boy in the world of the .01%. And what a worshiper of money and status could find in a blog that is primarily about economic and social justice eludes me.

Scott Ingram said...

Anonymous2:27 has a point: "Normal" people aren't the intended audience for the Sunday shows.. have you seen the commercials that air with these shows? They're pushing companies that sell services to governments and corporations - not people.

Which is why Gregory's masters don't really care about ratings.

However the point of Driftglass' post is that Charlie Pierce has a good gig pimping the same wares that DG does, but DG has to spend his time punching out icy windows in fly-over country rather than being driven around from studio to studio in the Greater New York City area.

DG has a better radio voice too.

Sorry DG, life sucks. But you knew that.