Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

This week, Davis Gregory dragged another a $5 bill through the tap room at the Museum of American Political Embarrassments and came up with the Usual Suspects:

The grifter

The Wall Street cipher

Rudy Giuliani

and Mr. Alan Greenspan.

Hard to decide which was funnier today: Rudy Giuliani using the phrase "ethical obligation" and not vanishing is a flash of divine equilibrium restoration, or Mary Matalin over on "This Week..." trying to do her "Wingnut Ida.Lowry-from-'Brazil'" schtick

while half in the bag.

Peggy Noonan graced America with another round of tea leaf reading. Or, rather, divination via whatever muddy trace of backwash remains

at the bottom of her highball glass --
NOONAN: Thank you very much, healthcare is not going to work, it's going to haunt [President Obama] over at least the next two years, certainly in the coming year for the 10 reasons people like us always recite on talk shows.
-- before reeling around and firing her Official Roger Ailes Talking Points randomly in the direction of media criticism:
NOONAN: But I think you can say in fairness that the New York based media, which has certain political predilections or sympathies is pounding this guy everyday in a way, deserved or not, in a way that they did not apply to IRS, the Benghazi, this one, that one. It's true. That was not frontpage every day.
I have not yet every bit of the Mouse Circus in its entirety, but may still put it on the Betamax and let it wash over me in all its glory later, doing shots every time one of our nation's Great Thinkers harks up a "Both Sider" owl pellet.

If so, I'll see you all on the far side of a hangover the size the Devil's Tower.


Anonymous said...

That photo of Giuliani needs to be sent to Viz comic for inclusion in their monthly Up the Arse Corner a long running feature with innocuous photos that look like someone is receiving a good bumming.

n1ck said...

Ah, yes.

The IRS non-scandal, where the IRS targeted political groups on the left and right that were trying to get tax-exempt status.

That should have been focused on and blamed on Obama, because damn't, he's a Democrat and a fucking Blah man at that!

Oh, and here's something I just never see anywhere, really. Go to and plug in your zip code, or any zip code, for that matter. Then input a 18 year old who makes $15,000 a year.

Then check out the health insurance plans people can get.

If you're 18 years old and only make $15,000 (which could be a hell of a lot worse) you can get an insurance policy that limits your out of pocket expenses to a few thousand dollars, and the premium can literally be NOTHING.

Not a fucking cent in monthly premium payments.

The reason there are so few young adults signing up for this is because they have to fucking sign up for it.

I'm personally doing my part to get many friends and acquaintances who don't already have insurance signed up to get it. I'd highly advise everyone else to do the same.

Health care isn't failing, and the disgusting fascists and their enablers damn well know it. It's why they're shouting so loud about it.

Cognitive dissonance and projection is a bitch.

JerryB said...

DG, you crack me up.

bowtiejack said...


As I've said before, we come for the photoshop, we stay for the snark. Great stuff.

You are our Thomas Nast, puncturing the swollen egos of the entitled. (You know, now that I think about it, Big Chicken and Boss Tweed have similar physiques.)

TeddyPartridge said...

Not for nothin' -- but given The Bergen Record (NJ)'s media leadership on Christie-at-The-Bridge, doesn't that leave nice Mr Murdoch's The Wall Street Journal as the primary "New York-based media" pillorying The Floating Fat Man? I mean, the WSJ has done a helluva job.

The same The Wall Street Journal that pays Peggy Noonan?

Kathleen said...

Teddy Partridge: I used to read the Wall Street Journal for its excellent reporting and interesting articles. I always avoided the editorial page. I haven't read the paper since Murdoch took over, so I didn't know if the reporting is still as good as it was. Thanks for the report on the report. I may have to start reading it again.
DG: The Andrea Mitchell photoshop is pitch perfect, as is La Noonan's