Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- UPDATE

This weekend, Boozy, the Bad Witch of the East,

had to walk back some of her mouthnoise about the new Mayor of New York City (from Raw Story):
“Yes, and this administration used to brag about how well the stock market was going,” Noonan quipped. “But the answer so for to inequality is being presented so far — even in New York — brand new mayor, progressive, lefty, former Sandinista.”

“Former Sandinista!” the CBS host exclaimed. “Now, I didn’t know that part.”

“I beg your pardon,” Noonan replied. “That is not true. Former enthusiast for Sandinista-like political movement in Nicaragua.”
It seems a strange decision for the former Reagan speechwriter to randomly blurt out the "S" word and risk the possibility that people might suddenly remember her former employer's most infamous betrayal of his country -- selling advanced weapons to terrorists and funneling the proceeds of those illegal and treasonous arms sales to fund an illegal war -- but then again hard-core alkies are known to do strange things.

And true to the terms of Beltway/Wingnut non-aggression pact, Bob Schieffer manfully restrained himself from running Peggers to ground and tearing her to tiny, tiny bits.

Of course, this is not the first inexplicably idiotic thing Peggers has said on teevee. I very much doubt it is even the 101st. But sure as shit, next week or the week after she will be poured into a comfy chair at one of the major networks and be given yet another chance to share imbibed wisdom with America.

And speaking of comfy chairs at one of the major networks, the recently-canned-by-The-Daily-Beast and  recently-departed-CNN-hack Howard Kurtz has snuggled right into his new gig at Fox. This week he wanted us all to know that the reason Americans hate-hate-hate people like Peggers and Mistah Kurtz is -- surprise! -- something something Both Sides! (video will not embed, but link is here is you're a masochist.)


Finally, I would consider it a small step in the right directions if the (caution: mixed metaphor ahead) flailing, rudderless train-wreck that is David Gregory would agree to never, ever talk about mary jane again. Because it makes baby Jebus cry to hear such an extremely well-paid person yammer so incoherently about pot:
GREGORY: Look, I mean-- I look at this, I think about it as a parent with young kids. And whether, you know-- I think it’s acceptable for them to be smoking marijuana, as well as other things that are legal that can be very damaging to them. There is a-- there is a legal aspect of this as well, a deterrent aspect. Talking to an FBI friend of mine who was saying, you know-- there still is a deterrent by making marijuana legal. But here’s something The Denver Post writes in its editorial, where they talk about pot being-- marijuana being legalized in the state. They never opposed-- opposed Amendment 64-- this is their editorial back in the fall-- mainly because of the conflict with federal law-- which exists, obviously, in Colorado-- but we’ve long supported the concept of legalizing marijuana nationwide and putting an end to the massive squandering of resources on prosecuting and punishing people for possessing and using marijuana. It appears many others now agree.
And it makes baby Jebus throw up in His mouth a little to hear such an extremely well-paid person cite David Brooks on the subject, which some have speculated that Greggers is contractually obligated to do whether or not Mr. Brooks is there to embarrass himself in-person.

We now join Ms. Judy Woodruff and Greggers a they re-enact a dramatic scene from Dragnet, Season 2, Episode 18, "The Big Prophet"...

JUDY WOODRUFF:..Marijuana can be dangerous. Yes, it can be fun, as David Brooks wrote about in his column this week, but there are-- but there are other issues

GREGORY: So here you mentioned David Brooks. There was so much reaction to his column in The New York Times in-- in social media circles, various platforms. So here’s part of what he wrote in his column on Friday. In legalizing weed, citizens of Colorado are, indeed, enhancing individual freedom. But they are also nurturing a moral ecology in which it is a bit harder to be the sort of person most of us want to be. He talked about his own experiments and ultimately regretting them.
Consider for a moment that for all the indefensibly monstrous public positions Mr. Brooks has taken over the years, and for all the shameless revisionism in which he has publicly engaged to weasel out of those indefensibly monstrous positions,"getting high and messing up a high school English assignment" appears to be the only thing Mr. Brooks has done which he actively regrets.

You now know all you need to know about the impoverished state of wildly overpaid Conservative public intellectualism.


John Polansky said...

Boozy was just using the talking points provided for her by the Heritage Foundation. Bob was covering her butt because of who she had worked for. In the past, the Daily Show has run clips of the phrase being repeated but numerous Repuppitkins. ALEC writes their legislation and the Think Tanks provide the scripts.

Question: Does opening my RSS app give you the same "hit" as me clicking on your site or following the RSS link to your site?
Best good wishes for the New Year.

steeve said...

"I think about it as a parent with young kids"

Of course he doesn't. Pushing the Family button is just one of the three things he's been told to do as part of his "job". Family is the state-approved Official Religion. It causes people to think that shows like Breaking Bad make some sort of sense. (In order to preserve your family financially, it's only logical to ruin dozens of families financially.)

"There was so much reaction to his column"

And all of it, in quarter after quarter after quarter - laughed at the obtuse white privilege it displayed. Needless to say, Gregory saw it, understood it, and chose not to bring it up.

blackdaug said...

I can remember Dragnet running in syndication re-runs after school in the 70's.
A group of us would gather around, fire up, and split our sides over the comedy antics of Jack Webb.
It started a kind of inside joke among us, where... when encountered with an over the top authority figure. lying pompously to our faces, we would put up two fingers and say "Peace Man!" (A gem from another episode)
It's hard to imagine Jack Webb and Rod Serling existed in the same cultural universe.
In a very few years, Pegger's liver will publicly reverse her anti-weed stance, when it announces it's intent to flee her body and retire on its own to Belize.

driftglass said...

John Polansky,
I don't know if traffic count is affected one way or the other.